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Dave’s fix for a powerangollee fake flash drive

Hello all,
I purchased a flash drive from Powerangolee which was rated at 16GB turned out to be 4GB in a fancy dress costume with a faked capacity. It was cheap thankfully and easily restored to fully working condition.

This is what I did on an XP machine ~~~~
First things first, test the drive with this tool: H2testw 1.4. Click on English (unless you understand German), click select target then choose your USB drive and then write and verify.

I made a folder on my storage hard drive called it flash test made a sub folder called chip genius
Having already downloaded h2testw.exe and chipgenius.exe from the internet and extracted them to the folders.[You will need an extractor that will handle .rar files during this excercise]
[Note. If you extract them in the same folder you will overwrite or lose a text file!]

Inserted flash drive and ran chip genius which looked at all the usb items from printer through hubs to controllers and also the flash drive.
Selected/Highlighted the flash drive and copied and pasted into a notepad .txt file & placed in folder
It reads like this for the 16[4]GB drive
Device Name: +[G:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk USB Device)
PnP Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 6387
Serial Number: D6263B82
Revision: 8.00
Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed
Chip Vendor: Alcor
Chip Part-Number: AU6980~AU6983
Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)

Tools on Web:
search for the correct tool to use on the iFlash database which can be reached via

The site is Russian but the translation is just about understanderble and with some luck someone will have the relevant info for your drive already listed and the software available for download. If not, some google searching should get you what you need. Look for Vid & Pid and controller numbers, vendor name and which software was used. Go to the ‘FILES’ section and under ‘Utilities’ you will see vendor names ~ click on your vendor and read the description of which controller chips the utility software services. Download the one that is most like your controller

Apparently some fakers can change the VID & PID numbers displayed or it may be that chipgenius is not infallible but I believe if you find a controller number you will be on track to getting the correct software!
In my case it was alcor 081010 it is chinese and the help is in chinese so a little guess work took place! [Selected English where possible]

Drive in USB I ran loaddriver.exe which showed VID & Pid numbers matching my .txt file for my drive ~~clicked ‘Install’ then ‘exit’
ran AlcorMP.exe ~~ warning message~~ removed drive re-ran AlcorMP.exe inserted drive ~~drive parameters?? showed in window~~ hit start everything was automatic~~ read sectors and then lowlevel formatted
Retested with h2testw.exe ~~everything tested ok capacity 4GB no problems!
I was lucky you can be as well!
If at first you don’t succeed change the controller utility and try again
You have little to lose and you should end up with a good working if somewhat smaller drive!
This is a picture of the drive in question:

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January 7, 2009 at 4:18 PM

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  1. Hi SSn,
    To date fightflashfraud has no information about re-programming your particular drive – wusimz was only selling for a short time. Due to the efforts of the fake flash angels this seller was thrown off ebay fairly quickly. You should be within the time frame to claim a refund through paypal if you have not done so already. Please lodge your test results with sosfakeflash (see Report A Fake)- this helps us to help others and can be used to strenghthen your refund claim. Fightflashfraud will be in touch with you shortly.


    January 24, 2009 at 6:40 PM

  2. Device Name: +[H:]+USB Mass Storage Device(USB 2.0 USB Device)

    PnP Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 6387
    Serial Number: FA0CF197
    Revision: 8.00

    Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

    Chip Vendor: Alcor(??)
    Chip Part-Number: AU6980~AU6983

    Product Vendor: USB
    Product Model: 2.0

    Could you link me to the Software i need.
    Been mugged my a seller names Wusimz, trying to re program this Flash Drive.


    January 24, 2009 at 1:10 PM

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