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16GB Fake Flash USB Tidal Waves Continue On eBay – Victims of False Capacity Devices Pour Into SOSFakeFlash For Help

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Fake 16GB Flash Memory USB drives are being dumped on eBay and there is no sign of it stopping. Observed since November 2008, eBay Sellers of fake flash devices have unloaded these items in astonishing quantities. It is not unusual for these sellers to list more than 2000+ in a period of three weeks.

eBay members are hunting the Internet for information as to why their flash drives are not working, why they are losing precious files. They are now discovering the horrible truth – victims of a fake flash purchase on eBay.

Not only are eBayers testing drives they have just received, they are also testing earlier eBay Flash drive acquisitions as well – the mysteries of why the earlier drives lost files is being revealed.

Anyone who tested a flash drive and found they bought a fake on ebay can add their evidence to the sosfakeflash database by reporting their fake. Please assist in tracking new seller ID’s by reporting suspect sellers for investigation.

Sellers are being shut down, but they are also popping up again. Many have sleeper id’s they keep in reserve. These id’s often do not show a recent registration date but can be as old as two years. When caught they run or are forced off ebay by eBayers on the War Path.

Flash drives are often listed on ebay for silly prices – the difference is made up in the shipping and handling charges often as high as $30 or more. This strategy means eBay is losing money in commission. Beware of this tactic. Oh, they will “refund” you the drive purchase but will evade any attempt on your part to recover the shipping costs. Clever is it not?

Leave negative feedback for an eBay Seller if your testing confirms you have been sold a false capacity drive. Do not wait until you receive a refund. Help other victims. If you left positive, you can still add follow up feedback revealing the truth about your purchase.

Be on the lookout for wacky drive sizes for brand names. Sony Micro Vault fakes are showing up on eBay. Kingston is also being targeted. Watch out! Always go to the manufacturers site to see what they offer in usb flash drives before considering an eBay purchase.

For Kingston the colour coding matters. Brand name drives are normally sealed so that you have a serious scissor war to get to your new flash drive. Any snap packing should be a warning to you. One of the most popular capacities of flash drive is 16GB – for about 25% more victims could have bought a genuine 16GB drive elsewhere and been spared their current ebay ordeal!

Stay away from any flash device purchase on eBay. It is just too risky. We estimate that for every genuine drive sold – 10,000 fakes are sold, perhaps more. It is a sad situation. But until eBay gets out the vacuum cleaner and cleans up the mess you will be better off shopping somewhere else.

If you are a victim in this Fake Flash Tidal wave on eBay, claim. Fight back. Help other members in trouble as much as you can. Share your experiences on the posts.

Written by KittyFireFlash

January 12, 2009 at 5:02 AM

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