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Ebay Alert! fraudster manyilove2008 does a runner!

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Fake flash seller manyilove has done a runner. Suddenly today (following publication of a post about this this seller’s fraud by a member of the Frankenflash project yesterday) there are no items listed for this seller now – though when this article was first published earlier today there were plenty of listings for 8GB MP3 and MP4 players from manyilove! We have the fraudsters on the run – but we need your test results and help in watching suspects to make them all run away and stay away – or be thrown off by ebay if they don’t!

As you can see from the image below manyilove had a rating of 798 before suddenly bolting off ebay. There were 935 positive comments about manyilove but only 14 negative and 9 neutral when this seller suddenly quit selling today. Recent positive feedback from buyers included:
“Great MP3 player! My daughter loves it”
“Awesome MP4. Thank you. AAAA+++”
“good service”
“Good item, fast shipping!”
“good buying experience”
Poor souls – I wish I could tell them all that they’ve been had, but I can’t. I can only call on victims of fraudulent seller manyilove2008 who have tested their players to warn others who bought the same item before it’s too late for victims of this frauster to claim a refund.
Seller manyilove2008 is based in China and was selling fake media players. This is a confirmed fraudster who sold fake MP3 and MP4 players from the beginning of November 3008. Despite selling hundreds of fake capacity players manyilove2008 still has a rating of 98.9 at time of writing (19th January 2009) – which just demonstrates just how few people test flash memory items bought on ebay with h2testw. This is possibly a very experienced fraudster – it only took the seller 48 hours to realise the game was up with this id. This probably means the seller has other id’s and may still be trading on Ebay under a different id.

Most who bought items from manyilove2008 will simply assume the product has developed a fault when things start to go wrong. This is not the case – the players are not the capacity claimed. They have been fraudulently programmed to appear to be a higher capacity than they actually are; which eventually leads to files being lost/corrupted when they are “written” to non-existent memory. If you bought an “8GB” player from this seller you will find that files saved after around 1.8GB will be lost/corrupted. Move any files that are intact off the drive and test immediatley with h2testw and send details of your purchase along with test results to sosfakeflash (see the report a fake page on the main blog for information on what to send).

If your purchase from manyilove2008 was within the time-frame for claiming a refund you can use the test results (and the fact that you submitted your results to sosfakeflash) as evidence that the player was not the advertised capacity to claim a refund through papal. You should also report the seller to Ebay.

Seller manyilove2008 has not de-registered, just stopped listing. We can expect to see a return to selling on ebay by manyilove2008 if the heat comes off – so even if you are too late to claim a refund for a fake you bought from manyilove2008 please report the item you bought to ebay and send information about the item to sosfakeflash to make it more difficult for the seller to return under this ID and defraud others.

Written by fightflashfraud

January 19, 2009 at 5:22 PM

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