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eBay Private Auction Listings – eBay Fake Flash Sellers Prefer – Victims Learn The Meaning The Hard Way – A Guide

eBay sellers of fake flash MP Players, memory cards and usb flash drives prefer private auction listings. They avoid detection the longest, make antonishing profit and create the longest list of victims who will be made obsured by this listing category. Sellers who use this listing type are not found only in the Orient, you will find them everywhere including in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe. Some begin selling this way, others resort to this listing type when negative feedback starts to come in revealing the truth about what they are selling.

SOSFakeFlash has been warning about this for a long time. It is even in the eBayer’s guide written by ebayers sent to victims needing help.

Exactly what is a Private Auction listing? Why is it so deadly? What did eBay intend for such listings? How is it being abused? Every eBayer should read this guide, even if they did not buy a flash device. If you want a safe buying experience on eBay, don’t expect eBay to educate you or PayPal. To become eBay smart you have to look elsewhere. The bottom line for these companies is sales not your protection. Fake flash victims or those interested in buying any flash devices on eBay should read it too. The first step in protecting yourself from a purchase you may regret. Learn why private auctions can be so deadly.

We begin by examining the dry but important information as presented by eBay.

Current eBay Definition of Private Listing Auction Guidelines 20080110

When to use a Private Listing

Private listings are intended for use when, due to the nature of the item being sold, bidders don’t want their identity to be revealed. While there are some cases where private listings are appropriate, such as the sale of high-priced items or approved pharmaceutical products, you should only make your listing private for a specific reason.

When it comes to the purchase of flash USB drives, memory cards and MP players the FrankenFlash Project has the following questions:

1. What bidder for a flash device wants to have their identity hidden?
3. Flash devices sold on eBay are very high priced items, ie $100 to $200 range?
2. Since when is a flash device such as a flash USB drive, memory card or MP player medicine?

Can eBay, PayPal,fake flash sellers and buyer victims answer on these questions for everyone?

What this means to an eBay Buyer according to eBay:

Bidding on a Private Listing

If you bid on a private auction, you’ll see your own User ID on the item description page whenever you are the high bidder. However, only you and the seller can see you are the high bidder. Other buyers can’t see your User ID on the item page.

If you have good reason to believe shill bidding is taking place in a private auction, please report it to us. Remember that although you can’t see who is bidding on a private auction, eBay has a record of all the bidders.

Hiding the items you’ve purchased from other members

If you won an item in a private auction, other members won’t be able to link to the item from your feedback profile. The word “private” replaces the item number next to the feedback for the transaction.

The only way you can prevent other members from seeing which items you’ve bought in a normal (non-private) auction is to make your feedback private. Please note that you cannot list items for sale if your feedback is private.

SOSFakeFlash can answer the first three questions based on what eBay victims have reported.

1. What bidder for a flash device wants to have their identity hidden?

SOSFakeFlash does know that buyers of fake flash devices wished their identities would known. You can bet they would contact other buyers to WARN THEM! They don’t want to be hidden. They want everyone to KNOW!

2. Flash devices sold on eBay are very high priced items, ie $100 to $200 range?

True flash drives at the higher capacity will often fall into the ie $100 to $200 range – the same or a little lower than fair market value on the internet. Auctions frequently are set up to begin hiding the identify of buyers once the bids enter into this range. Fair enough. However, for usb flash drives sold at $1 (but with exhortion shipping costs) don’t qualify. Not at $20, or even $60? If a private auction in that range, experiences collected say only one thing about sellers who use Private Auction or Private Listings. Fake! Counterfeit!

A seller is not trying to hide buyers from other sellers. When it comes to private actions, it is often the same seller but under multiple eBay id’s pretending to be different.

The FrankenFlash Project has seen many sellers who first list publically, go PRIVATE AUCTIONS the moment eBayers start leaving negative feedback. When the victims indicate the flash devices are fake and false capacity. What does that tell you?

3. Since when is a flash device such as a flash USB drive, memory card or MP player medicine?

SOSFakeFlash has never had anyone report flash devices were important in maintaining their medical health.

If anything, in the case of fake flash devices, it caused trauma. In particular, psychological trauma. The data and files lost devestated. It caused frustration. Disallusionment resulted with eBay, Paypal. Mistrust of internet buying. The view of fellow human beings became more negative. Suspicion of anything “Orient” grew, unfair to that region of the world.

While anger is a natural reaction to being deceived, some unfortunately went beyond. These individuals expressed unsavoury violent thoughts and desires as to what they wished to do the seller of the fake flash devices. Often creative, but very unhealthy for the buyers “mental wellness”. We never encouraged such thoughts. In fact for the protection of these people and ours we removed any communications along these lines.

No one yet has confessed a dependancy or addiction to fake flash acquistion.

Some victims were embarrased to have been had, but they did not have shame or a need to have their misfortune hidden from publish view, quite the opposite.

The only medicinal value or psychological value fake flash device acquistion under Private Auctions on eBay has had so far:

  • “Never bid on a Private Auction.” – wisdom
  • “If it is too good to be true, it generally is…” – wisdom
  • Understanding the meaning of Helplessness – Unable to help others by warning them. A lesson in humiliation and powerlessness
  • Deregistering from eBay – increased personal satisfaction.
  • Leaving Paypal – increased personal satisfaction.
  • Buying locally in a reputatable retail store or reputatable internet site, brand name only – restoring consumer confidence.
  • Telling others of their experience. Anywhere. Everywhere. Sharing with victims, warning people that eBay and Paypal are not what they claim to be – positive action and healing.
  • Channeling their experience to help fight in the cause to rid eBay of fake flash – extreme personal satisfaction and healing.

It goes without saying that many have tried to warn eBay about private auction listings used by sellers of fake and false capacity devices. In some cases they have listened and taken action. In most they have not. Often people have had to call and call and call. Or report the item over and over and over again. No one really understands why eBay is so slow to comprehend. Perhaps this is what eBay fake flash sellers intended. Make it difficult to be found out.

Just explain to a youngster what a private auction is and watch the face light up with a devilish grin. It’s not rocket science.

Never ever bid or buy any flash devices on ebay, if the seller uses private auctions. If you see this:

Private Auctions

On any listing run in the other direction. Do not bid. Do not buy.

If you are a fake flash victim and a victim of a private auction, you need to make sure that you record what you bought with a short description besides fake in your negative feedback. Don’t bother with the ebay item number as it will not be accessible in 90 days. It just uses up the precious 80 character limit you have.

If you want to report it and have it on record, see the report a fake tab at SOSFakeFlash. Make sure you send ALL the required details and that it is within 90 days. We can dig out the information and have it recorded in the database, even if you can’t. Even if a seller runs and deregisters. So use your feedback chars wisely. Warn your fellow ebayers! It is how we catch them, even if ebay won’t.

When it comes to private auction listings becareful. Use common sense. Flash devices of any kind, whether memory cards, MP Players or usb flash drives do not qualify if they are under $100 to $150 US. The FrankenFlash Project has only one thing to say – if a seller uses this type of auction for these devices you have a 99.99999% chance you are buying a fake – false capacity flash device.

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