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Hong Kong Fake Flash eBay Sellers – How To Get PayPal Refunds

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ebayers with Fake Flash drives bought on eBay from Hong Kong or China , SOSFakeFlash asks that you use a new procedure to resolve claim issues and get your refund at PayPal.

The Government of China does not condone or promote the traffic in counterfeit Flash drives. Citizens of this country who choose to engage in the illegal reprogramming of Flash drives or knowingly persist in selling them, need to be reported. The Chinese law enforcement agencies need your assistance and cooperation to help them identify the sources.

The actions are very direct in addressing the fake flash seller. This method sends a clear direct message to an eBay Seller who has sold fake flash drives to eBayers. Early reports indicates it is having results addressing the refund issue.

This article is reprinted from SOSFakeFlash. It appeared at their site on September 19th, 2008.

eBay and PayPal have done little to stop fake flash sellers or help eBayers who have become victims. Instead we have found buyers who try to get their refunds and who warned both companies are ignored.

Please read the following information carefully to pursue your claim and get your refund.

If you are an eBayer who bought a flash drive on eBay you believe is a fake, you must confirm it is a fake. To do this you need to test the drive. Please see the article found under the tools category, H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives.

You are not to use the following procedure if you only suspect you have purchased a counterfeit flash drive from an eBay seller based in Hong Kong or China. You should only proceed with the following actions if you have PROOF.

SOSFakeFlash is not interested in inciting witch hunts against eBay Flash drive sellers in the Orient. We are victims of fake flash drives and have suffered the consequences. There are honest sellers in the orient. Not all sellers are aware they are selling fakes. This has been seen in the Orient, Europe and North America. Please read the article: eBay Sellers Can Be Victims – How Does This Happen? filed under the victims category, if you need to be convinced this is possible.

The actions outlined apply to sellers with a history of selling fake drives in Hong Kong. It could also be applied to mainland China.

Please review the eBay Seller using http://toolhaus.or/cgi-bin/negs and type in the seller’s name. This will assist you to decide.

This new procedure comes from an eBayer who holds the record for the shortest time to resolve a claim.

QuickFlash Reported to us:

I first opened a dispute claim AND sent 3totrade + the others an email stating I was opening the dispute with ebay + Paypal + HK police! via the address listed, I also said I would cc ALL emails received from the seller.

5 minutes later WHAM, REFUND !!!

Hope this helps other buyers who got stuffed.

Still waiting on 3 others for refunds.

QuickFlash has demonstrated patience and fairness in his actoins

Steps For Dealing with eBay Fake Flash Sellers in Hong Kong and China

There are three categories:

A) New Claims
B) Existing Claims
C) Expired or Closed Claims By PayPal

Please use the one that describes your situation.

New Claims:

1. File a dispute with PayPal, attach your output evidence etc. Stress the facts, counterfeit drive, fake, not the advertised capacity, the actual capacity it is. Ensure to highlight that this is not a defective drive but fraud.

2. Send an email to the seller. Use the eBay messaging from your won list item. Inform the that you are opening a dispute. eBay, PayPal and the HK police will be cc’d on all emails received from the seller. You will not hesitate to use the HK police at the address (see later in post for address)

3. Give a clear time window for the resolution. If you communicate close to a weekend, factor in time for businesses closing on the weekend. For example: by close of business Monday, day – month – year. Giving the fake flash seller an opportunity to respond during working hours.

If you are not refunded within a reasonable time, you must contact the Hong Kong police with the full details of the case. First email then if necessary with a letter.

If you do a search on this site and find any articles on the seller or if the seller is identified in the mug shot reports – ask the Hong Hong Police to google on the seller and also to visit SOSFakeFlash .

Existing Claims:

Using your won list item, send an email to the fake flash seller. Advise that if the claim is NOT resolved with payment in full (including shipping and handling) immediately and without delay you will:

  • contact the Hong Police
  • all previous communications will be forwarded to the HK Police. This will include the return address for the usb counterfeit flash drive (if you have received this from the seller).
  • any current communication from the seller will have eBay, PayPal and the HK police cc’d

Expired or Closed Claims By PayPal:

1. Using your won list item, send an email to the fake flash seller. Advise that if the claim is NOT resolved with payment in full (including shipping and handling) immediately and without delay you will:

  • contact the Hong Police
  • all previous communications will be forwarded to the HK Police. This will include the return address for the usb counterfeit flash drive (if you have received this from the seller).
  • any current communication from the seller will have eBay, PayPal and the HK police cc’d

Add to this you have lost patience with their lies and deception.

If you are not refunded:

You are to contact the Hong Kong Police at the email address provided below. If necessary you should write a letter and enclose all the details of your case. Ensure you have a photocopy of everything you send.

You are not engaging in a battle of words or posturing with the seller. This is serious and it is real. Make sure to carry out your actions.

Also ensure to follow up your email and correspondance. We know what eBayers have been through with both eBay and PayPal.

Success comes from being persistent. We came to be in May 2008. This is the first site of several underway. It is only a few weeks old. It made it’s debut on August 29th 2008, much earlier then we had planed due to the urgency. There would be no rescue missions on eBay by Fake Flash Angels, no investigations, no website and no information for you if people did not persist.

If you are refunded by a fake flash seller:

  • Leave negative feedback to warn eBayers. No exceptions. Otherwise more eBayers will be joining the misery you have experienced.
  • If you left postive feedback, do a follow up to your original feedback. Indicate you discovered a fake. This record is needed.
  • Monitor the seller on your watch list.
  • Has the seller stopped selling the drives? If the seller continues, contact other eBayers who bought the drives to test. If they report results like yours and the seller has not stopped selling these drives contact the Hong Kong Police with the details. No exception.
  • Has the seller switched to private auctions (see whatcools, kaho.chan)? This means the seller will now try to hide the evidence from eBay, PayPal and eBayers. This seller will continue selling counterfeits to eBayers. Such sellers are the worst of all. Contact the Hong Kong Police with the details. Also refer them to listings at eBay (past auctions open, current now private auction). If your fake flash seller is documented at this site, send them the url address. Do not spare such sellers.

Hong Kong Police have a Technology Crime Division

email address:

Full postal address:

Technology Crime Prevention Unit,
Technology Crime Division,
Commercial Crime Bureau, HKP,
22/F, Arsenal House,
Police Headquarters,
1 Arsenal Street, Wanchai
Hong Kong.


Team OC: Technology Crime Prevention Unit Senior Inspector
Deputy Unit Head: Technology Crime Prevention Unit Sergeant
Telephone: (852) 2860 5012
Fax: (852) 2328 7128


Hong Kong Technology Crime Prevention Unit

Be firm and be clear in dealing with your fake flash eBay seller in Hong Kong and China.

Use the steps outlined that describe your claim status. Do not hesitate to contact the Technology Crime Prevention Unit if you do not receive cooperation from the seller, if the seller continues to sell the fake drives to others or if the seller tries to hide by switching to private auctions.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your progress and results.

If a fake flash seller chooses to stop selling counterfeit flash drives let us know, continue to monitor the seller. These sellers often stop for a month or too and then restart. See 3ToTrade, ShopwithMela, Kaho.Chan and what cools, they are the best example – The Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient (3ToTrade) has many id’s at his finger tips.

We welcome the return shipping address you receive from either eBay or PayPal for a fake flash seller along with the seller id and contact name if listed. This information is critical to our investigations. It helped us realize that the id’s above were actually one and the same person.

The FrankenFlash Project is interested to learn of other sources for fake flash drives being purchased. For example, one of the biggest sources for distribution of Fake flash drives into the United States is Ebay sellers in the United State who discover they are selling fakes report this as the major source for their wholesale purchases.

If we all work together we can begin to rid the world of this plague in counterfeit flash drives that is causing so much harm, data loss, damage to individuals and governments.

It begins with cleaning up eBay and rescuing eBayers from fake flash purchases.

File your claim – advise your seller of the actions you will take.

Do your part! But remember, operate strictly on evidence as we at SOSFakeFlash do!

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January 21, 2009 at 7:09 AM

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