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Ignorance is not bliss master-of-sales: a foolish Israeli ebayer

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Ebayer master-of-sales does not seem to have fully understood the messages sent to him by an ebayer in the UK about item number 270332268593. The ebayer who warned ther might be a problem was alerted by the typical packaging for fake capacity flash drives and factory rejects sold on ebay a while back.

Drives sold using this packaging have proved to be either fake capacity (fraudulently reprogrammed) or faulty drives that should have been destroyed at the factory. The test results for this item (which master-of-sales sent to this ebayer) were passed to fightflashfraud. The results indicate that the item is a faulty drive that should have been destroyed, not (as the ebayer who contacted the seller first thought) a fake capacity drive.

On investigating this ebayer’s feedback it was apparent that master-of-sales had bought from some well known fraudsters. The ebayer who had contacted master-of sales warned the seller to test all drives and end listings for any drives that failed testing with h2testw.

The listing by master-of-sales (which shows no information about sales or buyers) spotted by this ebayer was not cancelled. This may simply be foolishness on the part of the seller or it could be deliberate fraud. Here is a screenshot of the listing provided by the ebayer who warned the seller about the item:

Written by fightflashfraud

January 25, 2009 at 6:38 PM

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  1. […] if you see packaging like that shown in the screen shot of his listing which you can see in fightflashfraud’s original post. We at fightflashfraud appeal once again to sellers – if a buyer sends you a question that […]

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