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Ebay alert uk-trader-2000 selling 64gb Sony may indeed be innocent

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British seller uk-trader-2000 sold over 20 fake 64GB Sony Micro Vault, real capacity 4GB. The seller refunded buyers who complained that is was fake. It seems that, though he was suspicious about the cheap price he didn’t think to test his drives. Please sellers – check that your flash drives actually have the capacity stated before listing them for sale! The seller then listed ten drives buyers returned as faulty as a bulk lot. Did he not consider that someone who was not technically savvy would not understand that the drives would need to be reprogrammed to be at all useable? Even then it is likely they would be very slow and of poor quality. See this article about counterfeit Sony
The seller has contacted fightflashfraud and says he is innocent and did not know there was anything wrong with the drives when he bought them. Here is what the seller told fightflashfraud:

You are quite correct i sold a number of the 64GB flash drives on Ebay, they were sold as unbranded and the name Sony did not appear anywhere within the listing, this was as i was suspicious myself given the price i had paid for them that they were infact genuine Sony products. After all a 64GB flash drive is a 64GB flash drive, or so i thought.
I sold approximatly 20 of the flash drives within 2 days, after receiving my second complaint the drives were not functioning correctly I e-mailed every buyer (you can check with E-bay if you wish as the message was sent through them),notifying them some buyers had experienced problems and if there were problems with there drive i would provide a full refund. To date i have refunded approximatly 17 out of the 20 sales, the remaining 3 did not respond to me message.
As for the the selling of the ‘Lot of 10 flash drives’ this clearly stated in the item listing and title that these were returns, as people had experience problems with them. The drives are not entirely useless they can be formatted and partitioned to 4GB and they function fine. Also i have read somewhere possibly this web-site that there may be software to ‘re-flash’ the drives. Whilst i am in full support of the writer that adverting names brands when you know they are fake is fraud, i was not acting in that manor.

The seller seems to mistakenly believe that it is only fraud if you mention a brand name. This is not the case. The reason that Sony is mentioned here is that the picture in listings shows packaging with the
Sony trademark name MICRO DRIVE. It is a breach of the law for anyone other than Sony to use this name and Sony do not make a drive of this size.
Therefore the item is indeed a counterfeit Sony and the fact that Sony is not mentioned in the listing does not change this, contrary to the seller’s understanding of the situation. The fact that he had no intention of deceiving people into thinking these were Sony drives does not change the fact that they are counterfeit Sony.
We would like to hear from buyers that have been refunded by this seller and would urge him to refund the remaining few buyers that have not yet had a refund. We will be more than happy to be able to confirm that he is in fact an honourable seller once we have the evidence to confirm this.

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January 28, 2009 at 7:43 PM

Ebay Alert! Old time fraudster chaiching28 is selling again!

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An old hand at flash fraud, seller chaiching28, is back to selling fake flash after giving us a short holiday from his activities! SOSFlash has documented evidence of 50 fake drives sold by this fraudster before dropping out of view. We have personal experience of chaiching’s fake capacity flash – be warned. You’ll notice that it looks as though the background colour in this picture has been rubbed away – that’s because when the writer bought one chaiching was selling the self same drive as 32GB. When ebay started to be more alert to fake capacity and counterfeit 32GB drives this cunning simply erased the text from the picture, added the new text and re-programmed the drives to report 16GB.

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January 28, 2009 at 1:53 PM