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Archive for January 29th, 2009

Ebay Alert! UK ebayer selleverything1911 selling “64GB” Kingston!

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Ebay seller selleverything1911, based in the UK, is selling something that does not exist in listings in which buyer IDs are hidden. There are no 64GB flash drives in the Kingston Data Traveller range of the model shown in the (deliberately?) poor picture shown in the listing. The picture is so poor that one can not even tell what colour the drive is. Kingston drives in this range are colour coded and there are none above 16GB. Most of the fake / counterfeit drives in this range sold on ebay are green (colour code for 2GB) – you can’t even tell this from the seller’s picture. This is a cropped pic as there was a huge amount of background):
An ebayer who bought a fake or fraudulently program who has been keeping an eye on those selling Kingston Data traveller on ebay sent selleverything1911 this message:
Kingston do not make a 64GB drive in this range. Therefore you can not sell one as it doesn’t exist. Think these are discontinued 512mb or perhaps 256mb (can’t remember the colour coding of the discontinued drives) – end sales and test with h2testw to reveal true capacity (windows will report 64GB due to fraudulent reprogramming) – remember it is a criminal offence to sell such items!

This is the reply she had from selleverything1911:
i have already been informed of this i have been testing mine since i was told about it and your right about half of the ones i brought are fake capacitys but the others are fine. i have learned my lesson even with the ones that work sold i have still lost a fortune all because i wanted to make a bit extra for my family. thanks for the info.

Fool or deliberate fraudster? Either way selleverything1911 is listing fraudulently programmed drives of a capacity not made by Kingston in this range – fightflashfraud inclines to the view that anyone hiding buyer ID’s is probably a deliberate fraudster. They may have started life as low capacity Kingston in the range (now discontinued in favour of higher capacities of 1GB to 16GB, so not show on their website) or be replicas of low capacity Kingston drives.

The drives being sold here are probably (as usual) 2GB – for more information see fake 16GB Kingston

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January 29, 2009 at 11:25 PM

Ebay Alert! Uk seller ice_fcuk

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Seller ice_fcuk is using private buy it now listings to sell reprogammed (or counterfeit) 64GB flash drives. The drive is either a counterfeit, not made by Kingston at all, or it is a 2GB Kingston drive fraudulently reprogrammed to report 64GB to the operating system. The seller and Ebay have both been notified that this is a fake – but the listing is still there!

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January 29, 2009 at 8:08 PM

Counterfeit 32GB Kingston sold by UK seller anetamarkiewicz

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This seller appears to have sold a mixture of genuine 16GB Kingston and counterfeit / fake capacity 32GB drives – so far nobody has left negative feedback for the fake 32GB (actually only 2GB) here is a picture of the fake capacity drive:

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January 29, 2009 at 4:19 PM