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More fake USB flash drives listed on eBay by UK sellers.

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The picture below shows a fake USB flash drive listed by UK seller  sue-hawk.  This seller was warned the item is fake but seems either not to have understood the significance of the warning or is a deliberate fraudster. At the moment we do not know which for sure. Time will tell. We are inclined to think that this ebayer has simply acted foolishly. Suffice it to say that this flash drive  is not (as advertised by the seller) a 64GB drive and the buyer will lose their files after a while if  he or she uses it.


There seem to be a large number of UK sellers who have recently bought fake flash drives to re-sell on Ebay. If you are a seller who has been warned by another ebayer that your item is fake – pay attention!!

Selling such items is a criminal offence and you could land in prision if  you continue with the sale once you have been warned that the item is fake.  There is no excuse.  If you have been told an item is a fake you should remove it from sale immediately.


Ebay seller Alert!! Beware – your items may be fake!

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It seems that many ebayers in the UK are buying fake USB flash drives and other fake flash memory items in bulk  on web sites such as, and  They are then re-selling these items on eBay without realising their items are fake.  We cannot stress enough how important resarch and testing are if you plan to sell flash memory items such as USB flash drives, SD memory cards, pro duo memory sticks, MP4 players and so on.

If an item shows a company name (such as Sony or Kingston) check their website to see if the item matches what is shown there. If not,  it is probably fake. Whether or not they are branded items you should test them immediately they arrive with h2testw. Do not either release payment to the seller or list the items on eBay unless this test runs without errors.

UK seller p-s-3-world de-registered and listings removed

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UK seller p-s-3-world had a very short career on ebay. The seller paid no attention to a warning that an item was fake as there are no USB flash drives over 64GB and continued with the listing anyway. If you bought from this seller claim a refund through paypal immediately. Ebay knows the  item is fake and has removed the listing and de-registered the seller.

Those Multiple IDs eBay Fake Flash Sellers Use On eBay To Sell MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards – eBayers Are Not Happy!

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SOSFakeFlash and victims have wondered for a long time, how do fake flash eBay sellers in the Orient just keep coming back? Why do some of them have such old start dates on eBay? The FrankenFlash Project finally has some very interesting information about that. Also on why eBay is losing sales.

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What Can You Do About Fake 8GB 16GB MP Players On Ebay?

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SOSFakeFlash Reports that Fake MP Players are the lastest plague to hit eBay. Harder for Buyers to spot before they leave postive feedback. Why? A 16GB false capacity MP player that turns out to be only 2GB can hold as many as 500 songs. It takes time to load. Most buyers of MP Players just use technology and are not techie. They fall for the “opphs a defective item” song sung by the fake flash seller. The lure of “free shipping” is one of the strongest pulls to end up in the fake flash pit. It appears that eBay fake flash sellers in Hong Kong and China know this so well – they have studied their buyer audience carefully. Here is advice – a Guide from SOSFakeFlash.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

February 26, 2009 at 10:03 PM

Ebay seller dudez_wear selling fake 64GB Kingston

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Based in Ireland seller dudez_wear is selling fake 64GB Kingston flash drives. The seller has paid no attention to the warning that these are fake capacity and counterfeit sent by an ebayer. Ebay ID’s are being hidden by dudez_wear – this is generally an indication that the seller knows the item is fraudulent. Here is a picture:

Written by fightflashfraud

February 25, 2009 at 3:43 PM

More fraudsters de-registered from Ebay!

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More fraudsters have been de-registered during the last 24 hours. If you bought flash memory from any of them test your item immediately and claim a refund from paypal if it is a fake. You need to act quickly to get a refund through paypal. It is very important that you submit test results etc by using the report a fake tab on the sosfakeflash blog. It is the collection of  this information by sosfakeflash that has led to quick refunds. If you do not submit this information there is no clear evidence that you bought a fake and less evidence to help victims to get refunds.
The sellers l.c.hayes, pangoal, lazy-juicy and gangsta_memory are no longer ebay members.

Written by fightflashfraud

February 25, 2009 at 12:57 PM