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Is 94buy about to be the latest USB flash fraud seller ID?

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The ID 94buy has been used on ebay since 13 Dec 2008. Currently, as I write this, the seller’s feedback score is 186 and comments show 245 positives over the last month and 253 since the ID was first used. Only one negative comment has been left about a fishing lure not arriving. At first 94buy only sold fishing lures, a low price item – many selling at under a US $, yet the winning bidders’ IDs were hidden – very strange! After building up some positive feedback the seller added another low priced item – memory card readers. Then the seller added listings for Universal Turbo Sim Card Unlock to Samsung,Nokia,iPhone – this week 2GB flash drives have been added. Buyer IDs are hidden for all items – none of the items sold by 94buy are in the categories one might expect to find ID’s hidden. One would only expect buyer ID’s to be hidden where very high cost items – or things buyers might not want others to know they are buying are involved such as bondage gear etc. Fightflashfraud will be watching this seller – so should you!

On 22 March a buyer left a negative comment saying that the flash drive bought from this seller corrupted all data. Ebay subsequently removed flash drive listings. However we wonder if other items, such as the one shown below, will prove to be fake capacity too.


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February 4, 2009 at 10:25 PM

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Ebay Alert! Seller chakkkkk hiding buyer ID’s

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A comment made by an ebayer has alerted fightflashfraud to the devious activities of fraudulent seller chakkkkk. This Hong Kong based seller is listing fake flash on buy it now and hiding buyer ID’s. This is a well known technique used by fraudsters selling fake flash items. They do this to try and prevent buyers from being made aware that the item they bought has been fraudulently re-programmed to display a higher capacity to the operating system than it actually has. If you bought a flash memory item from chakkkkk test it immediately with h2testw. You can download this from the post about the program in the Testing category.

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February 4, 2009 at 5:31 PM

Ebay Alert! Suspect seller doctorxu88 uses private listings

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Seller doctorxu88, located in Hong Kong, became an ebay member at the beginning of April 2008. There appears to have been no activity on this account between registration and 23 January 2006. Now there are a large number of USB flash drives in private listings by doctorxu88. It seems likely that this was an ID set up by one of the well known fraudsters in preparation for a previous ID being clobbered by Ebay. Private listings for flash drives are generally a sign of fraud. The use of private auctions on ebay is a common ploy by devious sellers to cover their flash fraud tracks and make it difficult for fake flash angels to warn their victims.

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February 4, 2009 at 1:41 PM