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More UK Ebay sellers fall victim to fake flash fraud

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Since Christmas a number of UK sellers who bought high capacity drives (mainly 64GB) when visiting other countries (mainly China or Japan) or from sites on the Internet have discovered that the drives they listed for sale on ebay were fakes. These victims of flash fraud bought their flash drives in all innocence with a view to re-selling them on the UK ebay site at a profit.
The drives they bought showed the expected capacity when they looked at the drive properties in Windows. However, when they tested them either with h2testw (a free program that can be downloaded from the test category of this blog) – or by trying to save a number of large files to the drives – they found that the drives actually had a much smaller capacity than shown in windows and that files were lost/corrupted.
These honourable people immediately withdrew their drives from sale. This is what honest people do when they find they may be selling a fake or faulty item. We at fightfashfraud applaud these honest ebayers. These sellers are (like most of us) fighting to survive in the current economic climate – they took a financial hit they could have done without rather than continuing with sales to make a profit (as some have done) by committing fraud.
If you are resident in the UK and bought a fake flash drive from a UK seller who is deliberately selling fakes be aware that the seller could face a prison sentence for fraud if the matter is brought to the attention of the police.
Send full details of your transaction to – the details should include the following:

    Test results from h2testw
    Your Ebay Id
    Seller’s ebay Id
    Item number
    Purchase date
    Your name and address
    Seller’s name and address

Fightflashfraud will not use this information in any way other than checking whether the seller is a victim (in which case you should receive an immediate refund) and recording the evidence as an independent party to help you if you chose to pursue a legal case at a later date if the sale proves to be fraudulent.

Do not return the drive to the seller. To do so would infringe UK laws about posting fraudulent items. Also, you will need the physical evidence (the flash drive) so that the police can test it for themselves if you wish to pursue the matter.

Written by fightflashfraud

February 6, 2009 at 8:09 PM

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  1. Thank you for covering the UK perspective!

    Yes ebay sellers can be victims – in fact some of the oldest members of the FrankenFlash Project are eBay Sellers who found out they were selling fakes!

    Not only did they refund buyers, but they removed their listings immediately. It hurt them financially, but they were honest people. It was difficult for them at times to convince their buyers the drives were bad, but they peristed. Odd – buyers don’t expect that from sellers. These victim sellers were in North America and Oceana.

    Some in Asia did not contact buyers to offer refunds – they did however promise to remove listing and switch to other product lines. In monitoring they kept their promises. Once of the reasons they did not contact buyers was due to the “police” situation in their countries and the extremely harsh penalties. These sellers were NOT in Hong Kong or China. The FrankenFlash Project is understanding and not like the Inquistion. We don’t burn Fake Flash Sellers at the stake to save their souls.

    You can tell if a seller is a victim or a shark by their attitute toward a buyer who reports that the drive they bought was a fake – false capacity.


    February 7, 2009 at 2:32 AM

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