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UK seller skyhighhorizons lists fake/counterfeit 64GB Kingston

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Ebay seller skyhighhorizons, based in the UK, is listing fake 64GB Kingston flash drives without a picture. When an ebayer asked the seller to provide a picture the ebayer got the reply that the seller does not have a digcam. The ebayer then asked for a description. The description did not match Kingston’s ONLY 64GB drive but it does match the 2GB DataTraveller.
The seller’s description was: “it is white with a green cenre and has a cap.”
Hmm – so that describes the only real 64GB Kingston, shown above, does it?
Despite being told by the ebayer that the drive was fake and that this could be confirmed by testing with h2testw the seller has not yet removed the listings. The seller’s response to being advised that the item was fake and that a test with h2testw (or a visit to the Kingston web site would confirm this) was:
i have tested the drives and they are true! and genuine items.
The ebayer then asked skyhighhorizons if the item had actually been tested with h2testw and if the seller looked at the Kingston website the ebayer got the following response:
listen, i get cheesed off with people on here continually saying, this is fake blah blah. Someone said my BLACKBERRY was fake and THIS just isnt possible. If you want it fine, if you dont, dont bid. its simple

Well it’s pretty clear that skyhighhorizons did not look at the Kingston web site – one look at their offering would make it clear that there is only one genuine 64GB Kingston. Anyone visiting Kingston’s web site would realise that the real 64GB Kingston looks nothing like the one described by skyhighhorizons. It seems likely that this foolish seller simply looked at the drive’s properties in windows and perhaps put a few files on one. This is not testing a drive and it tells you nothing except what the people who fraudulently programmed the drive want you to think.

This seller is at risk of prosecution and imprisonment for selling counterfeit flash drives if the sales continue. Kingston is aware of the fact that fake Kingston drives are sold on Ebay and they are not at all happy about it. Sellers beware – check with the manufacturers before selling brand name flash and always test your merchandise with h2testw before listing flash memory items.

Written by fightflashfraud

February 8, 2009 at 10:49 AM

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