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Innocent seller buys fake Kingston from Chinese web site

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A victim seller who heeded a warning from an ebayer about the possibilty of the drives being fake checked and found that they were indeed fake. This honourable seller ended the listings before anyone had bought. We now know that the seller bought from a Chinese site. This website and others selling fake flash are listed in this posting If you are a seller who found you bought fakes from a website please comment on this post.

Written by fightflashfraud

February 11, 2009 at 4:33 PM

eBay Ignores Issue of Fake USB Pendrives – Investigated Seller calltimtim Allowed to Unleash Yet Another Wave On eBay Members

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It is no secret that eBay prefers to shelter sellers of false capacity flash devices such as MP Players, Memory cards and usb flash drives. After all these sellers generate a lot of revenue for eBay. Imagine just how much money they have made since the problem began back in 2003. Until recently, both seller and eBay lived in fake flash profit paradise. eBay members are fed up and began to take action starting in the spring of 2008. Did eBay address the problem? Not really. If a seller was caught and negatives poured in in feedback, eBay forced a temporary suspension as a deregister, to allow the sellers score to cool off. A perfect example of this? Fake Flash seller, calltimtim.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

February 11, 2009 at 4:47 AM

UK seller shop-uk lists fake-looking 4GB Kingston DataTraveller

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An Ebayer based in the UK, shop-uk, has listed a 4GB Kingston DataTraveller flash drive which may well be a fraudulently re-programmed 512mb drive. The drive pictured in the listing is the wrong colour for a 4GB of this model. The seller may not realise that it is a fake – however the use of private listings (hides buyer ID’s) for items such as flash drives usually suggests deliberate fraud. As has been explained elsewhere in blogs about fake flash Ebay intended private listings to be for particular types of item – a 4GB flash drive is not one of them!
We thought the days of fakes below “8GB” being listed were over as real flash drives of 1GB – 4GB are easily obtained at quite low prices now. We were obviously wrong. Personally I bought what seems to be a genuine 4GB drive (the drive is admittedly not a well known brand – but it tested ok with h2testw) from innovico_surplus for a similar price. I haven’t got round to using this drive yet but I have found the program h2testw to be extremely reliable in checking flash memory – and (beleive me) I am someone with a use for a lot of reliable flash memory items of all sorts!
The frankenflash project hopes to publish information about where you can buy genuine flash memory on the Internet soon – but so far our list is rather short! You can help us by telling us about any ebay sellers or web sites selling the genuine article – flash memory you have tested with h2testw and found the test ran without errors.
We need you input folks!