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Seller pangoal lists an obvious fake capacity 16GB Kingston

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Seller pangoal, an eBay member since 10-Dec-08 in China, has listed a “16GB” USB flash drive using exactly the same pictures as well known and fully documented fraudsters such as wusimz. This seller is probably part of the well known fraud ring operating in Hong Kong China. Many of the ID’s used by this ring of fraudsters are presently de-registered from eBay. They register new ID’s and start again, then when things cool down they start listing under the old ID’s once much of the evidence of their fraudulent activities is no longer visible.
The pictures used by pangoal clearly show a 2GB Kingston not a 16 GB one and can be seen by entering wusimz in the search box even if this seller’s listings suddenly disappear, as they are exactly the same.
The question fightflashfraud would like an answer to is this:
How long is eBay going to allow such obvious fraud to continue?
Those who have been trying to combat the sale of fake flash devices for months need your help if you see a listing like this one from pangoal please question the seller and comment about the reply you get. Please also report the item to eBay immediately. If enough people join in we may eventually be able to make eBay a safe place to shop – eBay obviously isn’t going to do it!

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February 13, 2009 at 6:09 PM

Tell-tale signs on packaging of fake Sony flash memory on eBay

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When fraudsters make packaging for their fake Sony memory they tend to make mistakes like putting G instead of GB on the packaging for USB flash drives – such as in the picture below.
Another clue that the flash drive pictured is a fake is the fact that Sony have never made 32GB, 64GB or higher capacity drive like this! Always check Sony’s website to see whether the item you are interested in even exists before considering a purchase.
You can simply place your cursor over this link to a Youtube video and click the play button in the little window to see this video by an ebayer talking about some tell tale signs on the packaging of a 4GB Sony Pro Duo memory stick.

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February 13, 2009 at 1:56 PM

USB Flash Drives On eBay Fakes 8GB 16GB 32GB – A Buyer And A Seller Speak On The Subject – Videos

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The problem of fake flash usb pendrives on eBay is an epidemic – often referred to as a plague. It kills data. Sold by unscrupulous ebay sellers these false capacity drives have caused so much harm to eBay members. It’s not just about money. It is the files – gone forever!
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February 13, 2009 at 5:19 AM