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Victim seller of counterfeit fake capacity 64GB reports it to Sony

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A seller, who thought he was selling genuine Sony drives but discovered (after selling a number of them) that they were fake, has been in contact with Sony. He bought them on a site called which seems to operate in a similar way to eBay. He has kindly provided a copy of his correspondence with Sony for your information. He sent this email to Sony:
I have recently fallen victim to the fake ‘Sony’ 64GB USB Drives scam and thought i would report when i have purchased the items from so you may be able to take some action. They were from a chinese web-site called
A number of the drives are widely available in various sizes, obviously all fakes.
I’m not sure if you can take action given it is based in China, but i thought i would let you know anyway.
Thank you

Sony responded as follows: Sony Japan are aware of the problem

The seller is now pursuing a refund from the sellers zhenhao9588 and chengxang188 whom he bought from on His report of fakes on is not the only one we have had. Sellers beware of buying flash drives from this site, it appears there are many fakes on sale here and on other sites, notably

UK seller arkadzik lists fakes bought from chaiching28

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An ebayer in the UK arkadzik is trying to re-sell a fake 16GB USB flash drive (a known reported model for which we have test results) and possibly other suspect items bought from notorious fraudster chaiching28 despite being told that the flash drive bought from this seller is fake. Also looks like arkadiz listed one flash drive bought from powerrangolee and one from phonebase113 – also known fake flash fraudsters whose models are on record.
UPDATE ON 15/02/09 at 7:23pm
Presumably, as the fake items are still on sale, arkadzik doen’t care about defrauding other ebayers. The honourable thing to have done would have been to remove the items from sale, test them with h2testw and claim refunds through paypal from the fraudsters they were purchased from.
UPDATE On 15/02/09 at 9:39pm
Another ebayer got in touch with arkadzik today and it seems that arkadzik is now trying to rectify the situation. Unfortunately there is now a mess arkadzik needs to sort out because two people bought fake items. This mess could have been avoided if arkadzik had paid more attention to the first ebayer’s warning.
We at fightflashfraud strongly advise anyone selling flash memory items to heed any warning from other ebayers and test their items with h2testw before anyone buys – otherwise you may have an unholy mess to sort out!
UPDATE On 16/02/09 at 4:18pm
Seems as though arkadiz was just pulling the wool over the ebayer’s eyes in indicating he would end the unsold item and refund buyers. The unsold fake 16GB drive was re-listed and is currently for sale by auction or buy it now. We say to arkadzik – be sure your sins will find you out!

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February 14, 2009 at 11:19 AM