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Ebay Alert! UK eBay seller gangsta-memory lives up to his ID.

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It seems that the UK based ebay seller gangsta-memory (an ebay member since 6th December 2008) is living up to his choice of ID. It amazes fightflashfraud that so many fraudsters choose ID’s like this which seem to reveal their intentions. This seller was warned about the fake flash issue about a week ago but apparently chose not to respond to the ebayer who sent a message. We at fightflashfraud are left with the inevitable conclusion that gangsta-memory is a deliberate fraudster as the choice of ID suggests. We advise you not to buy from this seller. If you have already bought from this seller test the item with h2testw (free program) – we think it will fail the test. If so, please report the item to sosfakeflash by using the report a fake tab and open a paypal dispute with the seller.
Here is a picture of one of this seller’s obvious fakes:
It shows what seems to be a 2GB drive in a listing with the title: Brand new 64GB flash drive memory stick, UK SELLER – fightflashfraud has news for you and your buyers, gangsta -memory. There is no genuine 64GB USB flash drive that looks like this!

A seller’s experience of buying fake flash on

Here is the experience of an eBay seller who discovered the drives he bought from were fake:

I found around Christmas time and thought what a bargain, cheap gear from China, must be because its direct from the suppliers, how wrong i was!
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Written by fightflashfraud

February 17, 2009 at 2:03 PM