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Archive for February 19th, 2009

UK seller idealnumbers_co_uk lists fake capacity Kingston.

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UK seller idealnumbers_co_uk has listed 5 fake 64GB Kingston on a buy it now at £55 with buyer ID’s hidden. This seller registered a business account on ebay on 26-Jul-06 in the United Kingdom. Until listing this item the seller had apparently only bought 15 items and sold none. The drive shown in his tiny picture (shown at the bottom of this post) seems to be a 2GB drive. The seller has not responded to an ebayer who warned the drive is fake. This seems like classic fraudster behaviour. You can see the wording of his listing and his pictures below. Two people have bought already – three more victims to go! View the listing
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UK website seems to be listing fake capacity USB flash drives

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We at fightflashfraud have learned that the UK website is apparently selling fake flash drives. Seems the problem of fake drives on the Internet is worldwide. When will sellers learn to test their drives with h2testw before putting them on sale we wonder?

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February 19, 2009 at 6:46 PM

Ebay seller alerted that 120GB Sony flash drive is fake

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Thankfully some ebay sellers take heed of warnings from members about fake flash items. Here is an example:
An ebayer who spotted a fake 120GB Sony flash drive being listed sent the seller a question. The seller posted the question and answer in his listing:

Q: Not a real 120GB see: 18-Feb-09
A: Hi there … seems i may have been sold some fake goods then! We are investigating the capacity etc and authenticity with the suppliers and the site that you’ve directed me to. Thank you! At least I bought them via paypal so will get my money back, hopefully! Thanks again! I’ve made sure that everyone can see our discussion by ticking the box to allow it …
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