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Source of some of the fake Sony Flash drives sold on eBay

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We at fightflashfraud think we have tracked down the original source of a number of the fake 64GB sold on eBay by sellers including irena-ebai and others who used the same picture. This company also sells fake 120GB flash drives.

Company Name: Nanchang Luotian Media Co., Ltd.
Street Address: Huaqiang Road Saige C 1506
City: ShenZhen
Province/State: Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip: 518000
Telephone: 0086-0755-83638891
Mobile Phone: 13692143010
Fax: 0086-0755-83638891

Perhaps the Chinese police might like to do something about these fraudsters?

Written by fightflashfraud

February 21, 2009 at 6:45 PM

Evidence of fraud by eBay seller pangoal – fake 16GB Kingston

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We now have concrete evidence of fraud by Hong Kong based seller pangoal. The seller registered with eBay on December the 10th and has sold many fake flash drives since registering. We immediately suspected that this seller may be a known fraudster with a new ID. The pictures used by pangoal are exactly the same as those used in listings under a number of other (now de-registered) IDs used by fraudsters. Here is a picture of the drive we have test results for:
As can clearly be seen in the picture it clearly shows the Kingston name. Test results confirm what we knew just by looking at the picture – this is a fraudulently programmed 2GB drive. The 16GB model is red not green!
It says in the listing:
We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If your item is not as described or faulty when you receive it we will replace if for you with no additional charge. Many sellers supply grey market, refurbished or factory seconds goods at similar pricing to us. We guarantee that our products are brand new, official and first quality. If an item is used or refurbished it will be clearly stated in the listing.
What it should have said is:
We gaurantee data loss when you use this fraudulently programmed flash drive, worth half what we will rip you off for even if it wasn’t actually dangerous to use.

UPDATE 22/02/09 at 19:31
See comments for what a buyer did to get a quick refund via paypal. If you bought this item (or any flash drive from this seller as all are progably fake) we suggest you follow his example and do the following in this order:

    Test your drive with h2testw
    Report the item to Ebay immediately – the item infringes copyright and is fake capacity – fraud on 2 counts
    Open a paypal dispute immediately after reporting item to ebay
    Escalate to a claim immediately after this
    Submit your test results along with your ID, item number, seller ID and purchase date (independent evidence) to sosfakeflash using the report a fake tab
    Leave the scammer negative feedback so that it’s difficult for him to get away with this again
    Comment on your refund experience on this post

This seller is not currently listing any items but is obviously planning to do so in the future. He sent this message to an ebay member who left him negative feedback:

so sorry to take trouble to u ,u had got money ,pls help help us withdraw bad feedback,ok?
pls give us your hand

wait for your good news


– pangoal

We have a message for pangoal and all peddlers of fake flash – negative feedback is not the only thing your victims would like to give you. They would like to give you a nice long jail sentence – not only were you trying to obtain money fraudulently but users of your fake items will eventually lose all their data. That is something which cannot easily be forgiven.

Written by fightflashfraud

February 21, 2009 at 1:31 PM