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Archive for February 24th, 2009

Ebay seller h-and-f-collections appears to be a fraudster.

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Nice try h-and-f-collections! You didn’t get posted here before because you removed the listing showing an obvious fake after a warning from ebay members that the item was fake. It looks like you may well be a swindler after all!
Now instead of showing a picture of an obvious fake 32GB Kingston you are showing a picture of a real one. However, you say buyers may get a different model – so suddenly you acquired a lot of different genuine models you don’t picture? After listing an obvious fake????
You will be reported to Kingston, eBay and the police as we suspect that you are deliberately committing fraud.
Buyers beware of this seller’s weasel words! Here is a screenshot showing a part of his listing:
Due to fast-moving stock indeed! We don’t think so!! Don’t you mean due to the fact you don’t actually have the genuine one in the picture, just a load of fakes that will cause your buyers to lose their files? The good luck we think buyers need is to read this post before they consider buying!! Ebayers, watch this guy and report him!
Seller has been de-registered from ebay and listings removed. Buyers need to test drives and claim refunds fast.

Ebay seller master-of-sales de-registered and listings removed.

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Ebay seller master-of-sales is de-registered and listings have been removed. He listed what seemed to be factory rejects which should have been destroyed. Whether he understood what he was told by ebayers who warned him or not is unclear. Ebayers were alerted that these 4GB drives might not be functional by packaging commonly used by Chinese fraudsters a while back. This packaging has re-surfaced recently in the UK and elsewhere. Be suspicious if you see packaging like that shown in the screen shot of his listing which you can see in fightflashfraud’s original post.

We at fightflashfraud appeal once again to sellers – if a buyer sends you a question that indicates your item may be fake or faulty PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND INVESTIGATE!
The ebayer warning you could be very experienced in the area of flash fraud – at the very least they will have some knowledge through becoming a victim. Pay attention and test your flash memory item with h2testw!

Written by fightflashfraud

February 24, 2009 at 5:31 PM

Hello Kitty USB flash drive a fake?

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A 4GB Hello Kitty flash drive currently listed by a Hong Kong based seller comes in suspect packaging that is very familiar to fightflashfraud. This type of packaging was very common on fakes a while back and has re-emerged recently. The fact that at the end of an auction the buyer ID was hidden is further cause for suspicion. The only complaints buyers have made so far has been about items not arriving – but as we are well aware most buyers do not test their drives. Here is a picture of the item in question:

Written by fightflashfraud

February 24, 2009 at 4:21 PM