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Archive for March 5th, 2009

Ebayer lists job lot of 10 64GB Kingston USB flash drives

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An ebayer who apparently found 10 “64GB” Kingston USB flash drives in the garage of his new house has listed them on ebay as a job lot. Anyone who uses these will end up losing all their files after a while. The seller was sent a warning about these by an ebayer but may not have read the message yet. We can only hope that xenbobo sees the warning message before the auction ends and removes them from sale.
UPDATE (11.45pm 5th March)
Either xenbobo did not read the warning messages sent by an ebayer before the auction ended, or chose to ignore them as the 10 fake flash drives in this job lot apparently sold for £83 plus £6 postage. We can only hope that the seller now contacts the buyer to cancel the sale of these fake items. If not, the seller will have broken the law. It is a criminal offence to sell counterfeit and fake items. If the buyer receives the items, discovers they are fake and contacts the police the seller could be arrested, prosecuted in a court of law and sent to jail as a number of laws will have been broken in this sale.

Ebay fake flash seller cckelectronic99 uses private auctions

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Confirmation of a suspected fake flash drive from cckelectronic99, a seller based in Hong Kong, has been received by fightflashfraud. The drive shown on the right was advertised as 16GB but test results reveal the true capacity as 2GB. The seller is using private auctions to hide buyer details – again we stress that you should never buy flash memory from a seller who hides your ID. What they are really trying to hide when they do this is their fraudulent dealings. cckelectronic99

Written by fightflashfraud

March 5, 2009 at 10:14 AM

Suspect UK seller asht067 lists drives with buyer information hidden.

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An ebay member has informed fightflashfraud about UK seller asht067. This seller has been an eBay member since 05-Sep-06 in the United Kingdom and has a feedback score of 1 at the moment. This seller is currently listing an obviously counterfeit 64GB Kingston flash drive and some generic drives that are also likely to be fake. All listings are buy it now with no buyer information shown.
The picture on the left shows a generic drive in familiar packaging for fakes. The picture on the right shows a counterfeit and fake capacity drive. Apparently this seller previously sold flash drives at computer fairs – so it seems that fake flash drives have been sold at computer fairs as well as on ebay, other websites and some high steet shops.

One would imagine that people who sell at computer fairs would have some knowledge about the technology they sell. We await further information to establish whether asht067 has simply acted foolishly or is a fraudster.
UPDATE 6th March 2009
As asht067 has not ended listings for these fake USB flash drives despite having read the warning messages sent by an ebay member two days ago we can only conclude that this seller is a deliberate fraudster.
UPDATE 9th March 2009
Seller did end the listing for the counterfeit data traveller but is continuing with sale of what we think are generic fake capacity drives.

Written by fightflashfraud

March 5, 2009 at 12:19 AM