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Very odd goings-on on ebay indeed!

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There are now quite a few UK IDs registered recently on ebay who seem to be giving positive feedback to fraudsters in China/Hong Kong at lightening speed. Ebay members apparently registered in the UK have given positive feedback to many known fraudsters like lazy-juicy and continue to give positive feedback to suspect sellers.

UPDATE at 6.35pm on Sunday 8th March:
Seems that is not the only seller in the China area with a Star-Trek style beam-me up to deliver goods to UK buyers almost instantaneously. Apparently ren-ren-buy has one too. Here is a record of ren-ren buy’s first four sales showing the buyer ID,  item number, time of purchase and time feedback comment left:

26-Feb-09 12:01
27-Feb-09 02:48
Great ebayer everything exactly as described fast shipping highly recommend

26-Feb-09 12:01
27-Feb-09 02:50
fast and free shipping

26-Feb-09 12:02
27-Feb-09 02:52
good deal, very pleased with service

26-Feb-09 12:00
27-Feb-09 02:54
Item was delivered very quickly. Great ebay seller. thank you once again.

The seller was so keen to sell to these UK-registered “buyers” that the auctions for the items shown were ended early to sell to these buyers at the current price. Wow! not only does ren-ren-buy deliver goods almost instantaneously but the seller doesn’t even wait to get the best possible price for items.  The comment from sammi90445 is interesting – thank you once again?? Ahem! Isn’t this a brand new seller and are you not very recently registered on ebay yourself? Curiouser and and curiouser.

So there you have it folks – go back to the beginning of a seller’s feedback – if the speed of feedback indicates that delivery is impossibly fast (and the seller is not offering Star Trek beam-me-up’s for sale!) you can pretty-well conclude that fraud is involved.

Written by fightflashfraud

March 7, 2009 at 8:51 PM

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