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Old time fraudster chaiching28 still allowed to sell on eBay

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Despite the fact that ebay must be well aware that chaiching28 is a fraudster this long time seller of fake flash memory has been allowed to continue peddling his fraudulent goods on Ebay. The writer of this post bought a fake flash drive from this seller months ago. After a rapid rise in negative feedback and paypal claims this crafty seller seemed to stop selling fakes for a short while.

Fraudulent ebay seller chaiching returned selling mainly fake capacity media players as well as a few fake USB flash drives. You can see pictures of the seller’s other fake flash items elsewhere on the blogs. It seems chaiching28 has stopped listing again – waiting to see if you got away with it again chaiching28? This is one tricky fraudster. On the right is a suspect media player sold by chaiching28 that got a lot of negative feedback but is not pictured elsewhere yet.


Written by fightflashfraud

March 9, 2009 at 4:09 PM

Ebay sellers of USB flash drives please take note!!

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Selling flash memory on ebay? Please read this!! Yet another ebayer (rexiho1987) who listed fake flash drives has been de-registered by ebay and had listings removed. Sellers please be aware that if you don’t check that your flash memory items are genuine this is likely to happen to you. If you plan to sell brand name USB flash drives check the models offered on the company’s web site – if the drives you are thinking of selling are not an exact match with a drive on the company’s web site then the item is counterfeit and undoubtedly fake capacity. There is a simple way to test the capacity of flash memory items – use the free program h2testw