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Another UK ebayer falls victim to fraud on

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Many ebayers in the UK have bought fake flash drives from Chinese wholesalers on sites like – one such ebayer realised there was something wrong but (not having any computer knowledge) listed the 10 fakes he bought from a seller on for sale on ebay as follows:

vaio_dhgate_victim This is an auction for a 10 x 512gb microvault U.S.B flash drives.
These items are being sold as faulty, I dont know whats wrong with them you can put stuff on them but cannot play it back? maybe a cheap fix for some one with knowledge??
Properties say they are 500gb each ?i have loaded one with over 8gb and it didnt say it was full? so i dont know what size they are??

We strongly advise ebayers who buy flash drives from any source with a view to re-selling on ebay to bone up on flash drives before buying so that you know what’s really available. Avoid drop-shipping unless you have previously dealt with the supplier and know they are trustworthy. Always check the drives with h2testw before approving payment to sellers on sites like and – and certainly before  listing them for sale on ebay! Better still, avoid these sites altogether.

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March 15, 2009 at 9:57 PM

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Fake 500GB Sony USB flash drive listed by UK ebay seller

label_m09 An ebay seller has listed a massive 500GB fake Sony drive. Seller label_m09 has only been registered since 13-Mar-09 in the United Kingdom and has 0 feedback.

We at fightflashfraud suspect this is a deliberately fraudulent seller who previously listed the item under another ID.

 Do not bid on this item – there is no such thing as a USB flash drive of this capacity produced by Sony or anyone else.  It is just not technically possible to produce a flash memory item of this capacity at this size!

We advise everyone who buys flash memory items to test them with the free program h2testw irrespective of where they were purchased – otherwise you run the risk of data loss and corruption.

Report your fake if testing confirms you have purchased fake capacity flash memory on ebay.

UPDATE March 16th
Seems that one of these sold for £15 including postage today. This is probably less than the seller paid for it. Looks like the seller will have made quite a loss here. The remaining one is on £13.00 including postage as I update the post. Seems more ebayers have become aware that there are no USB flash drives above 64GB and most above 8GB on ebay are fake.

UPDATE 02 August 2009
We note that there have been a lot of visits to this old post in the last couple of days. This suggests to us that many people have recently fallen prey to a similar fraud. Although the capacities available are now higher than they were when this post was originally written the highest capacity genuine flash drive currently available is only around half the capacity that was advertised by this seller.

At the time of writing this update (as far as we have discovered at this point) only five flash drives above 64GB are available. There seem to be four drives at 128GB – but availability is very limited. There is only one of a higher capacity than 128GB. If you bought a flash drive advertised as 500GB please leave a comment here about where you got it. They are all fakes!!!

UPDATE 10th August 2009
As we have noticed a lot of people visiting this post recently we decided to do a quick update on this post for those that don’t bother to read the comments. The highest capacity flash drive now available is no longer 128GB but is now 256GB – again from Kingston.

There are still no 500GB flash drives!! If you really need flash drives of over 16GB (and most people don’t!) then buy direct from the manufacturer or the approved suppliers they give links to on their websites. Otherwise you have only yourself to blame when you run into trouble with lost and corrupted files!

We note this post is still getting lots of visitors which suggests that there are still fraudsters out there selling supposedly 500GB flash drives. There is still is not (and never will be) a 500GB USB flash drive! Hard drive, yes – flash drive, no. There is a difference between the capacities of flash drives and hard drives – they are composed differently so there will never be a genuine 500GB USB flash drive. The highest currently available capacity is 256GB. They are extremely expensive, so buyers would be better off buying a portable hard drive that connects with a USB cable as these are much cheaper!! Not only that, they will be more reliable.

UPDATE 08th December 2009
If you are looking at this old post we wonder why?

Please let us know by leaving a comment – we can’t quite understand why it is such a popular post!

Chinese ebay seller gouple lists familiar fake flash drives.

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The ebay seller gouple is using some very familiar pictures in listings. The picture in the centre is a well known fake Kingston previously sold by many Hong Kong and China base fraudsters who have now been de-registered from ebay.  The other familar pictures were used by these same fraudsters. This suggests an old fraudster with a new ID.

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March 15, 2009 at 2:59 PM

Another UK seller ignores a warning about fake Kingston

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UK ebay Seller jslohia3, registered on 18th February, has a current feedback score of 3. Despite being informed that the flash drive shown here, listed as a 32GB Kingston, is fake this seller has not removed the item from sale. jslohia31

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March 15, 2009 at 2:23 PM

Ebay seller in Germany sells notorious Fake 64GB Sony USB flash drives

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007zacke Based in Germany, ebay seller 007zacke sold a notorious fake Sony drive shown on the left. An ebay member reported in to fightflashfraud saying that the  drive received from the seller had no capacity whatsoever.It seems likely that, in this case, the fraudulent programming normally carried out on these counterfeit/fake capacity drives (to fool the computer’s operating system failed) leaving the drive unsuable. In some ways the buyer was lucky – at least (as no files could be saved on the drive) the buyer didn’t lose valuable data. At the time of writing four buyers of these fakes have left positive feedback for 007zacke and the seller has no active listings. The seller kept buyer ID’s hidden – usually a sign of deliberate fraud on the part of  those selling flash memory items.

If you bought a drive that looks like this from this seller (or anyone else) you are strongly advised to test it with h2testw (available as a free download) and claim a refund from the seller if it fails the test.

Here is a picture provided by the buyer of this badly programmed fake Sony showing the error message he got in h2testw:


UK seller fire4217 is selling a notorious Sony fake

with one comment

Despite being warned a few days ago by an ebay member that the 64GB Sony USB flash drive listed was fake UK seller fire4217 has not ended the listing. This is the same model listed by irena-ebai and other UK sellers which seems to have been supplied by Nanchang Luotian Media Co., Ltd. one of many suppliers in China/Hong Kong selling fake capacity flash drives.

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March 15, 2009 at 10:42 AM