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Ebay seller in Germany sells notorious Fake 64GB Sony USB flash drives

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007zacke Based in Germany, ebay seller 007zacke sold a notorious fake Sony drive shown on the left. An ebay member reported in to fightflashfraud saying that the  drive received from the seller had no capacity whatsoever.It seems likely that, in this case, the fraudulent programming normally carried out on these counterfeit/fake capacity drives (to fool the computer’s operating system failed) leaving the drive unsuable. In some ways the buyer was lucky – at least (as no files could be saved on the drive) the buyer didn’t lose valuable data. At the time of writing four buyers of these fakes have left positive feedback for 007zacke and the seller has no active listings. The seller kept buyer ID’s hidden – usually a sign of deliberate fraud on the part of  those selling flash memory items.

If you bought a drive that looks like this from this seller (or anyone else) you are strongly advised to test it with h2testw (available as a free download) and claim a refund from the seller if it fails the test.

Here is a picture provided by the buyer of this badly programmed fake Sony showing the error message he got in h2testw:


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