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16GB DataTraveller with no storage capacity whatsoever.

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Seller luck088 seems to be yet another Chinese seller with a beam-me-up for the almost instantanious delivery of goods. The seller’s feedback indicates that he was able to deliver the first item “sold” to the United States so fast that the “buyer” was able to leave feedback the same day!


However, a UK ebayer who bought a 16GB flash drive from this seller on 11th March did not get it instantaneously. The seller’s picture of the drive is shown above right. It arrived on the 20th March. Unlike most of the “16GB” DataTraveller drives coming out of China this one (buyer’s pictures below) was red colour – though the red plastic appears to be a slightly brighter colour than the genuine article and the label is not right. This drive had no useable capacity at all as it was completely unformatted. We note the seller withdrew these from sale – so it seems they realised their mistake after dispatching the drive.


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March 21, 2009 at 2:39 PM

New Site FlashDriveFacts Launched To Promote Consumer Awareness About MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards

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To educate the global public on MP Players, USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards the FrankenFlash Project has launched a new site – http://flashdrivefacts.wordpress.comahead of schedule.

Recent work by eBay Fake Flash Angels is outreach campaigns to eBay Sellers revealed that most had purchased their fake and counterfeit flash devices from internet sites in Hong Kong and China. Most sellers after having been convinced to test withdrew their listings. In investigating these sites, it was clear that the source of these items pouring into eBay came from this region. Something had to be done!

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