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Is UK ebay seller silverfire_sales a fraudster?

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We have been alerted to the possibility that UK ebay seller silverfire_sales may be a fraudster. This seller’s listing says:
*This item is shipped from China, Import Tax may need to be paid*
High capacity 32GB USB flash drive covered in a metal and high quality faux leather casing for safe and easy portability.

With its attractive design, inspired directly from traditional leather knife holders, this little USB flash drive easily fits into your pocket or on a lanyard / keychain, and will carry your valuable digital files around with you wherever you go.

This suggests that silverfire_sales is using dropshipping. Dropshipping is a system in which the seller never actually sees the items they are selling. Items are delivered directly from the supplier – providing ample opporunity for fraudulent wholesalers to land the flack on the person (in this case silverfire_sales) who lists the item for sale on ebay or elsewhere.

An ebayer tried to warn silverfire_sales about this possibility but got a rather rude response. Here is the message the ebayer sent to this seller:

Hi, I guess this is a dropshipping item. Many such items are fakes. If your items (like most flash drives of 8GB and over coming out of China) turn out to be fakes you could end up with a host of angry buyers and a load of negative feedback. I suggest you get your supplier to send you one so that you can check it is genuine. There is a small free program called h2testw you can test flash memory items with quickly and easily. I test all my flash memory with this program and have found it very reliable. All the best,

Here is the response from silverfire_sales:
Quit sending spam, no one wants your crappy software other than idiots.

Seems like silverfire_sales either didn’t understand the issue or is a deliberate fraudster. We await developments.

Written by fightflashfraud

March 22, 2009 at 8:27 PM