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Are ebay fraudsters guople and appolly one and the same?

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We have a question  – are ebay fraudsters guople and appolly one and the same?  Here at fightflashfraud we have been watching these sellers and think these are recent ebay IDs being used by a familiar ring of fraudsters who have been operating on ebay for a long time. As fast as one ID can be shut down, another appears. Feedback indicates that the items pictured are fake capacity, but for these seller ID’s to be shut down hard evidence is needed. This is where you, dear reader, come in. If you bought from these sellers please test your items with h2testw and submit as much other detail as possible  to the sosfakeflash blog using the “report a fake” tab. This is the evidence that helps to get seller IDs de-registered.


Written by fightflashfraud

March 27, 2009 at 3:50 PM