Fighting flash fraud on Ebay

The authors of this blog want to elimnate flash fraud on Ebay

Deliberate fraud is not the only issue – so is faulty memory!!

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It has been brought to the attention of fightflashfraud that a UK seller (not, it seems, a deliberate fraudster) has recently sold faulty USB flash drives on ebay. The ones the seller had used were fine so the seller thought (when a buyer complained that the two tested with h2testw failed) that the buyer was up to something – an understandable suspicion!

We can assure the seller the buyer is completely honest and is not doing anything other than trying to protect people from losing valuable files! She has reported to us that 5 out of the 10 flash drives she bought from the seller in question were faulty. This doesn’t really affect her (other than the fact that she wasted her money) but it could affect anyone who saves files to a faulty item from this seller – they could lose their files! She is hoping to make the seller understand the issue rather than drag him through the mire.


Written by fightflashfraud

March 30, 2009 at 10:09 PM

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