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UK seller nextvision-uk selling own-brand fakes?

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nextvision-uk This is an unusual case. UK seller nextvision-uk may be selling own-brand fakes! An ebay member working with the frankenflash project recently purchased an “own brand” 8GB flash drive from seller nextvision-uk. The buyer felt the low price made the drive seem suspect, so before purchasing the buyer contacted the seller through ebay and got a very re-assuring response. The drive failed testing with H2testw so the buyer contacted the seller through ebay with this information. The seller responded to this message by saying to send the drive back for a refund. Not only did the buyer inform the seller that the drive was not a genuine 8GB flash drive, the buyer also emailed the test program to the address provided on the invoice and asked the seller to test the drives for himself. There was no response to this email and listings for this drive have remained on Ebay.

The buyer then contacted fightflashfraud who looked at the listing and noticed something that seems to indicate that this is deliberate fraud. In the terms and conditions it says”Please also note that items will NOT be considered for exchange/refund once negative feedback left.” Hmm – fighflashfraud is inclined to translate this as: “Keep your mouth shut and you get a refund if you discover my drives are crap, but if you expose me as a fraudster by leaving negative feedback you will lose your money” – we could be wrong of course, but it seems unlikely. Time will tell! We will be interested to hear from anyone else who bought from this seller.

There are some very odd things about the item the buyer alerted fightflashfraud to (item number 190298552424) for one thing, after being told it was fake the seller reduced the price instead of removing the listing and testing the items. For another the buyer list changed in a very strange way as demonstrated by the image below:


The buyer list originally showed many more buyers than it does now – a screenshot of part of the original list is on the left. The list seen by anyone visiting the listing now is shown on the right – it has gone into reverse order around buyer hanaspanaspoon and all buyers after a certain point on the 20th have vanished although there were buyers after this. Very fishy indeed in the opinion of the fightflashfraud team!

UPDATE 30th April
The buyer contacted a few other people who bought this drive and those who have replied said their files were corrupted. It seems we have a deliberate fraudster here – if you bought a drive from this seller test it with h2testw and claim a refund. As this seems to be deliberate fraud which causes file loss by someone in the UK perhaps buyers might want to consider reporting the seller to the UK police.

Written by fightflashfraud

April 27, 2009 at 12:46 AM

2 Responses

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  1. Dear Michael
    We know the 8GB ones the seller originally had (which had the seller’s ID printed on them) were fake capacity having seen the test results. The seller eventually removed them from sale (presumably after testing them himself) and we are told he was planning to sue his supplier. A 4GB drive purchased after the seller was no longer selling the 8GB model failed testing with h2testw. Where the 8GB model (which sold in large numbers) is concerned the test results revealed these were 2GB drives fraudulently programmed by the supplier to show as 8GB in the operating system.

    There is a separate article about the 4GB model – you will see we say that one is unreliable not fake. Having looked at the test results we were provided with, we concluded that the 4GB tested was not fake capacity, but in fact very low grade memory prone to failure – in this case everything after 3.5GB was corrupted. We would strongly advise people not to use these for anything important and NEVER to save anything on them that you don’t have somewhere else. Here is a link to the post about the 4GB model:
    Hope this clears things up for you.


    July 21, 2009 at 12:26 PM

  2. I bought 2 4GB USB drives from this seller and can confirm these one not fake, it’s orginal capacity.

    Michael Dawson

    July 21, 2009 at 11:59 AM

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