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Is eac-buy a new Chinese fraudster or an old one with a new ID?

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This seller has recently started selling flash drives. Registered with ebay at the end of November the seller has what at first glance appears to be a good (100%) feedback score. However, closer examination reveals that half the positive feedback comes from IDs no longer registered on ebay. We suspect that this is a carefully planned new ID for a member of a very old fraud gang.

All feedback prior to 11 February comes from people who are no longer registered on ebay and the items can’t be viewed because the items are over 90 days old. The fightflashfraud team think there is something very fishy about this! Over the last couple of months the seller has built on the positive feedback from people no longer on ebay (which we very strongly suspect is fake) to get a 100% feedback score of 192 by 17th April.

This seller had mainly been listing card readers and key rings until very recently. Now a range of 16GB flash drives (three of which are pictured above) are being offered on buy it now for £11.99 with free postage. This seems too cheap for the drives to be real – real 16GB flash drives (lower grade ones rather than the most reliable top notch ones which are more expensive) cost nearer £20 even from sellers with very low margins.

There is something very strange about this seller’s feedback. Every single ID that left this seller positive feedback between the date of registration (27/1108) and 11th February 2009 is no longer registered on ebay. Could it be a coincidence that all 98 comments leaving positive feedback came from members who quit ebay? We don’t think so!!

A quick look at the feedback left by one “buyer” for sellers reveals guess what? Every single seller was left positive feedback. Every seller (with three exceptions including eac-buy) is no longer a registered user!! Not only that the IDs of these sellers are almost all familiar as either fraudsters in our database or suspects de-registered before we could gather the evidence.

One thing is for sure I wouldn’t have a flash drive from eac-buy even if the seller sent me one for free – I value my files too much to trust them to something sold by such a suspicious looking character! If you bought one of these test immediately with h2testw and report in with your results.

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Written by fightflashfraud

May 22, 2009 at 12:12 PM

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