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Are these 32GB Kingston flash drives on ebay USA genuine??

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Is this 32GB Kingston flash drive listed by US seller edmarsinc genuine? We can’t be sure. The seller has been registered on ebay for a long time – so we hope that he or she tested the drives properly with h2testw rather than simply looking at the properties. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to contact edmarsinc and get the seller to test the drives with h2testw now if they didn’t do so before.

Many honest ebayers have recently bought flash drives to sell on ebay from fraudulent wholesalers in China and are unaware of the problem. It is up to you, dear readers, to alert them to this problem – the team is exhaused. There are far too many sellers listing Kingston drives that may be counterfeit for us to be able to contact more than a small fraction of them. We need your help dear reader – without it victims of fake flash (both buyers and sellers on ebay) will not be warned and many many more people will end up losing valuable files. If a seller ignores your warning please let us know – this is usually a sign of deliberate fraud.

Written by fightflashfraud

May 25, 2009 at 6:23 AM

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