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Australian ebayer dumps a job lot of fake Kingston!!

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Here seller tfross89 is dumping a job lot of fakes and suggesting that some other ebay member would like to continue with the fraudulent sales he “hasn’t time” to do. Knowingly selling such items is illegal and could land a seller in prison. Here is what the seller says in the listing:

These are the same drives found all over eBay. If you take a look at the Kingston website you will find that they do not list this drive. This is because like the rest of the 64gb Kingston Datatraveler drives found on eBay they are not authentic Kingston. They are made by Kingston China. Although they look authentic, they are not authentic Kingston Datatraveler 64gb drives. They are all in original packaging. They are still selling well, with prices ranging from $90 – $120. When you multiply that by 48, theres some serious to profit to be made! I myself haven’t got the time to sell these drives; so heres your chance to cut out the Chinese middle man and buy them direct from AUS. Save on shipping, and save on the worry of them not arriving! Don’t miss out on an awesome selling opportunity. The postage will be registered.

We hope ebay kicks this seller off ebay – he is inciting others to commit the fraud he daren’t continue himself. After all, if he continues he could end up in prison! We consider this even more despicable than continuing to sell them himself (see earlier post about this seller to learn more) – he should be marched straight to jail!!

Written by fightflashfraud

May 25, 2009 at 8:42 PM

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