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Is UK ebayer naffy23k selling a new model of fake kingston?

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naffy23k The original model sold is the green and white one on the left (an old familiar fake – Kingston do not make this model in 32GB) – the cheeky fraudster had the nerve to say his drive was genuine and h2testw was fake!

We know better and are actually in touch with Kingston. The seller then changed to selling the other model. Kingston can easily confirm whether or not a drive is fake.

Every genuine Kingston has a unique serial number. You can phone them up to check whether your drive is genuine or not. The frankenflash project recently got test results showing that the new model naffy23 sold (with buyer IDs hidden – a sure-fire indication of deliberate fraud) by this person are probably counterfeits. If so, this is a new model to become a target for fraudsters and we can expect a flood of these appearing.

There is a very small chance that the one tested was faulty but the low buy it now price they were sold at along with hidden IDs suggests not. If you bought a flash drive from this seller test it immediately with h2testw – we think you will find it is fake capacity.

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

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June 7, 2009 at 9:59 PM

Fake capacity 16GB AData reported by ebay member.

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An ebay member has reported that this 16GB flash drive from seller aztec-1 (based in the United States) is fake capacity. The one purchased by the ebayer only had a real capacity of 256GB. If you bought one of these test it immediately with the free program h2testw. Fake capacity flash drives cause data loss after a while – if you use one you will end up losing files.

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

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June 7, 2009 at 5:45 PM

Looks like another fraudster ID registered on ebay China

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We think that sell_u_usb is a new fraudster ID registered in China for the purpose of selling fake capacity flash drives. The positive feedback this seller has had to date is not for USB flash drives but for other items. The seller suddenly listed at least 135 items that have proven time and again to be fake capacity. If you bought from this seller you should test immediately with h2testw.

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

UPDATE 8/06/09
Suddenly this seller is not currently listing  anything  for sale and is unable to complete transactions – thus saving many ebayers from grief  through lost files and money!  If you did get one from this seller test immediately, claim a refund  and leave a neg (or a follow-up comment about it being fake if you already left a positive) if we were right about the seller being a fraudster.

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June 7, 2009 at 1:01 PM

What you see is NOT what you get from seller ajs_socks

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So do you get a drive that looks like the one in the picture if you buy from seller ajs_socks? No, you don’t! You get a counterfeit Kingston that looks like this – note the lack of engraving on the usb connector – real ones have engraving with information about the drive:


The packaging is clever – it even has the barcode sticker that you would expect to see on a real one. A buyer found his drive did not work at all so he decided to take it apart. As you can see from the photos above there are only two chips on the board. A control chip and a flash memory chip. This means that even if the drive worked at all it couldn’t possibly be a 64GB drive as this would require four flash memory chips. A circuit board with 64GB of memory would extend to the full length of the casing.

The buyer contacted ajs_socks – we present the communication between them here (buyer’s ID has been removed for privacy reasons):


I have recently received the 64GB memory stick that I have purchased (Kingston DataTraveler 150 64GB.

Despite this, I have tried it in various computers (all with far sufficient hardware and 2.0 ports) but the memory stick does not seem to function (LED does not even light up).

I was wondering if you could give an any advice.

A further question posted by me:


After testing this memory stick that I have received today, and without it working, I have come to the conclusion that it is obviously fake. It has a much smaller circuit board compared to the size of the case and uses bad quality USB port that it has been swapped for the original, or even just been produced as a fake. Another way in which this is identifiable as fake, is the USB port lacking Kingston engraving.

If you are able to explain this situation, please do so, but otherwise I want a full refund of my money (£37) within 48 hours.

From Ajs_socks:

hi, i’m always happy to offer a refund, as you can see from my feedback, other customers are happy with this item. as soon as the item is returned, a refund will be provided. regards

Reply from me:


Are you are probably aware, posting counterfeit items in the post is an illegal offence under British Law. Under eBay and PayPal polices, if the product turns out to be counterfeit/fake the buyer is not obliged to return the product, and is entitled to a full refund.

Failure to comply within eBay and PayPal policy will cause various punishments, such as account suspension or loss of “Power Seller” status.

If you are playing the “dumb card”, I can simply use the “500GB memory stick” that you sold to someone for £91 inc. delivery. It is without doubt, that the product “sold” was a fake and all of the previous buyers of the same memory stick as I have all had similar issues, and left positive feedback before realising the product is defective.

I have spoken to 3 other eBay members who have all been victims of your eBay “memory stick” scam, and it is pretty obvious not all other buyers are “happy” according to your “feedback profile”.

Reply from the seller:


i’ve stop selling those and you can search online and sony are selling 500gb flash drives. then its up to you, speak to paypal and go that way, but i said as soon as you return the item, refund will be provided. regards

– ajs_socks

Final message sent by me:

Dear ajs_socks,

Firstly, do not treat me as an idiot.

The highest current memory stick available, at the current time, is a 64GB capacity variant, and using the “500GB” page is obvious evidence of you selling counterfeit goods.

From what I can see, you are still selling the supposed “64GB memory stick”, and cannot understand why, considering you know they are fake and are out to pick on the naïve.

As I previously stated, under British law it is illegal to post fake items; and to comply with eBay and Paypal policies, and not break the British law myself, I shall not return the product.

This is a quote from a conversation between a different seller/buyer situation with PayPal support.

“If you have requested you to return counterfeit items, then this was done in error since as you correctly point out, this would not be in accordance with the law. Once you have provided proof of in -authenticity, you would not be required to return the counterfeit items in order to obtain a refund.”

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June 7, 2009 at 12:50 PM

Impulsión falsificada del flash de 64GB Sony en España ebay

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Esta impulsión de destello es vendida por un número de comerciantes fraudulelent en China. Esperamos que aquí fuera donde el josepop compró éstos falsificados e impulsiones falsas del flash de Sony de la capacidad. El vendedor bien puede ser inconsciente que las impulsiones son falsificación. Sony no vende impulsiones del flash 64GB en absoluto y nunca no hizo esta impulsión de destello. Cualquier persona usando él terminará para arriba con los archivos perdidos y corrompidos. Si usted le compró una prueba inmediatamente con h2testw.

Divulgue por favor adentro al sosfakeflash con sus resultados de la prueba y otros detalles de la transacción.

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June 7, 2009 at 9:03 AM