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Is UK ebayer naffy23k selling a new model of fake kingston?

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naffy23k The original model sold is the green and white one on the left (an old familiar fake – Kingston do not make this model in 32GB) – the cheeky fraudster had the nerve to say his drive was genuine and h2testw was fake!

We know better and are actually in touch with Kingston. The seller then changed to selling the other model. Kingston can easily confirm whether or not a drive is fake.

Every genuine Kingston has a unique serial number. You can phone them up to check whether your drive is genuine or not. The frankenflash project recently got test results showing that the new model naffy23 sold (with buyer IDs hidden – a sure-fire indication of deliberate fraud) by this person are probably counterfeits. If so, this is a new model to become a target for fraudsters and we can expect a flood of these appearing.

There is a very small chance that the one tested was faulty but the low buy it now price they were sold at along with hidden IDs suggests not. If you bought a flash drive from this seller test it immediately with h2testw – we think you will find it is fake capacity.

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Written by fightflashfraud

June 7, 2009 at 9:59 PM

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  1. H2testw a fake programme indeed!! Mabye Mr naff would care to open one of his drives and see if there are two memory chips inside and if so what their capacities are.

    Or better still he should move all his most important files (perhaps some treasured family videos?) onto one unplug the drive and then try to open his files – he’d very soon know what was really fake.

    Mad Marg

    June 8, 2009 at 9:56 AM

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