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UK ebay seller damtech2 seems to be a slippery customer.

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In the picture above we see how the listing for item number 220434861463 looked yesterday. An ebay member thought it looked a bit too cheap to be genuine and sent the seller a question suggesting that he check with Kingston to be sure they were genuine. The ebayer got no response from damtech 2 and when we looked at the listing for this item today this is what we saw:


Now why do you think the listing changed overnight?? We won’t bother saying what we think… I am sure you can guess! let’s have a closer look at the seller’s picture in the revised listing:

damtech2Hmm – we think the revised picture is very interesting indeed – what do you think? Would you trust “trusted UK seller” damtech2??

In the listing damtech tries to reassure us about the low price of the item:
Try one of our high capacity USB flash drives. We are able to provide these at a much reduced cost as we carry our own stock and purchase directly from the manufacturer cutting out the middle man.

Hmm – surely he means direct from a fraudulent wholesaler doesn’t he?? – after all the listing was originally for a Kingston flash drive!

Kingston flash drives like the one shown in the listing originally all have individual serial numbers and can easily be verified with a phone call.

If the seller had contacted Kingston (as the ebayer who contact damtech2 suggested) and they were genuine would he have changed his listing?

We had a look at the seller’s refund policy:

All returns will be accepted within 14 days no questions asked, the item must still be in the same condition as it was delivered still in the original packaging and seal not broken. If a return is made after the 14 day period a restocking fee of 15% will apply. Buyer is responsible for costs associted with returning the product. In the unlikly event there is a fault with the product, please contact the seller to arrange the return. All returned goods are checked for operation and refunds / exchanges are only granted if the item is found to be inoperable after the examination. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES MADE WITHOUT THE SAFE RETURN OF THE ORIGINAL ITEM.

So what do we make of this? Easy – if you send the drive back with the packaging intact you will not get a refund. Why? Because the drive is not inoperable – it will only become inoperable once you have saved enough files to exceed the true capacity – and you can’t do this without opening the package!

Written by fightflashfraud

June 16, 2009 at 9:04 PM

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