Fighting flash fraud on Ebay

The authors of this blog want to elimnate flash fraud on Ebay

UK seller p-ultimaltd lists 64GB Kingston 150 in 24hr auction!!!

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We think that the flash drive (item number 280361437726)  listed in a 24 hour auction by seller p-ultimaltd with a starting bid price of 99p has to be fake. The seller is using private auctions (usually a certain indication of fraud where flash memory is concerned) and clearly states he will not accept returns:

returns are not accepted we only resale this items from factory if you have any problems you need to contact manufacturer for your 5 yeas warranty

Think this just about says it all! Kingston will not refund your money if a flash drive is counterfeit (which we are pretty certain any from this seller will be) the seller is going to resist refunding you and so are ebay and paypal – they want to keep their mitts on the ill-gotten gains too!

Do not buy Kingston DataTraveler 150 flash drives from any seller on ebay!! You will almost certainly be defrauded. If there is a genuine ebay seller of these we would be pleased to hear about it – we will check with Kingston!

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