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The authors of this blog want to elimnate flash fraud on Ebay

A rash of new ebay IDs in China set up for devious fraud operation?

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classicWe strongly suspect that our devious friends in China have set up a whole new set of ebay IDs to scam ebayers with fake flash memory.

All seem to be selling a very familiar model of flash drive (the most common and longest lasting fake capacity flash drive seen on ebay – shown on the left) using the devious tactic of saying the item is in the UK although the seller is in China!

Careless ebayers who don’t read listings properly (sadly most) are fooled into thinking it must be OK if it is in the UK.

We have news for you – even if this flash drive WAS in the UK (which it undoubtedly isn’t) that doesn’t stop it being a fake capacity item that will corrupt or magically “disappear” your files.

Many ebayers in the UK and elsewhere in the world have now been supplied with fake flash by fraudulent wholesalers and listed these fakes for sale on ebay.

Some are knowing fraudsters who are selling fakes deliberately (like our devious sellers in the far east) but others are innocent victims who had no idea the items they bought were fake.

Either way, all looks well when you plug the flash drive into your computer – the operating system shows what you would expect. Great! Maybe at this point you foolishly leave the seller positive feedback – big mistake!

Perhaps you are a slightly more cautious person, so you write some files to it – seems as though they are written to the drive and they appear in the index. You are now satisfied you got a bargain and leave positive feedback for the seller. Still a big mistake!

It is only when you have “saved” enough data to the flash drive to exceed the real capacity that the problems start! Sometimes this happens months after you bought a fake capacity item. Most buyers think the drive developed a fault when this happens. Not so. It was inevitable that eventually files would be lost or corrupted because the real capacity of the drive was much smaller than advertised.

Once the real capacity is exceeded there is nowhere for files to go! Sometimes the drive becomes totally corrupt and you lose everything you saved to it. If you are lucky you may be able to retrieve some of the files you saved early on.

Do not think you can buy an 8GB drive for £6, a 16GB drive for £12 or a 32GB for £35! All you will get is something fake fake fakity-fake!

Written by fightflashfraud

June 30, 2009 at 6:29 PM

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