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32GB Kingston USB flash drives sold by UK ebayer at below cost!!

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UK ebay member tracy_dleif is either something of a gambler who can afford to lose money on a regular basis or the 32GB Kingston flash drives sold by this member are counterfeit and fake capacity. Above we see an auction listing for a 32GB Kingston with a start price of 99p. This seller previously sold 5 of the Kingston drives shown below at auction – they mostly fetched less than we think you’d pay for them wholesale.


If these were in fact genuine 32GB DataTraveler 150 drives then the seller has made a loss on these transactions. We’d guess the loss on them would have been £100 or more if they were genuine. The seller was alerted to the fact that these were likely to be fake and is not currently listing these for sale. An ebay member contacted one of the buyers who seemed to think that the drive was ok when formatted to NFTS rather than FAT.

We are not so sure. We suspect this seller went shopping in fakeflashland. Genuine Kingston of this capacity all have individual serial numbers. You can use the serial number to check with Kingston whether your drive is genuine or not – we urge all buyers of high capacity Kingston drives to do so – if you got a counterfeit you will eventually find files becoming lost and corrupted.


Written by fightflashfraud

July 17, 2009 at 12:55 AM

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