Fighting flash fraud on Ebay

The authors of this blog want to elimnate flash fraud on Ebay

Is ebay finally waking up to fake flash fraud?

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We note that ebay suddenly seems to be removing obvious fake flash drives listed by the new IDs set up by our fraudster friends in the orient from sale at an unprecedented rate. Have our communications with major manufactures such as Kingston and Sony finally woken ebay up to a problem that has existed for over five years? If so we will send up a cheer!

We will be more than happy if ebay becomes fraud-free and we can take a rest from blogging about it!!

It seems that items listed by some new IDs we considered suspect have been removed by ebay – here are some of the IDs (spotted by one of our most recent team members) whose items vanished: ujyfhgngf, taojue918, wuyafen112, zhaochengshanggg, zhanglixiu8288, mabinfbd33

Great – what about the rest???

Written by fightflashfraud

July 23, 2009 at 8:03 PM

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