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A very dangerous ebay listing by a member in France

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We consider this to be a particularly dangerous listing. Why? – because not only has seller kikilibi* been shopping in fake flash land and brought back a large stash of counterfeit 64GB DataTraveler 150 flash drives but this ebay member is listing them in lots of 10. We suspect the seller knows these are fakes as a private listing is being used.

This means for every sale there will be 10 users (instead of the usual 1) who end up with counterfeit and fake capacity flash memory which will destroy their files. Horrifically, there is a good chance (particularly at this time of year) that some of the buyers could be teachers buying them to use with students. Bye bye student assignments.

It is highly likely that some buyers will be doing so to re-sell individually on ebay – in which case there will be 11 victims – the original buyer (who is likely to end up with negs and possibly suspension) and the 10 this person sells on to. Please folks – be aware you cannot buy genuine flash drives at this sort of price!

Written by fightflashfraud

September 13, 2009 at 8:10 AM

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