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Are these novelty 32GB flash drives from China genuine?

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biaofa52088_iconIs there a message to buyers in the cute image (left) chosen by China-based biaofa52088 for the seller’s eBay My World page? What do you see? Fight flash fraud sees a cute little lamb who is no such thing – what we see here is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! We think the USB flash drives from this seller are a bit the same!

The flash drives from biaofa52088 look very cute on the surface but we think a big danger lies underneath the cutsie surface appearance of flash drives from this seller – the danger of file loss and data corruption!

We doubt if the supposedly 32GB flash drive sold by biaofa52088 in the listing below has a capacity anywhere near 32GB – we don’t think it’s 16GB or even 8GB – we think it can store less than 4GB.


Recent investigations by the team have shown that flash drives advertised by Chinese suppliers as 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sometimes have capacities of less than 1GB and very seldom have a capacity as high as 4GB. We have even come across some with no memory chip at all!

In our opinion you simply cannot buy a genuine 32GB USB flash drive on ebay at the price the one in the listing above sold for.

Although there are a lot of genuine bargains on ebay (everyone in the fightflashfraud team is an ebayer!) bargain flash drives are a rarity. This is for very good reasons:

  • Profit margins are very tight for flash memory – unless you are a huge retailer or a big online seller with your own site it is difficult to sell much below recommended prices.
  • Ebay and paypal fees are quite high – making it almost impossible for genuine sellers (even if buying a hundred or more of one item from a genuine wholesaler) to make a profit.
  • The ludicrously low prices (often below manufacturing costs for genuine items) that fraudsters (or those who bought from fraudulent suppliers list flash memory at have driven most honest sellers off ebay.

YOU – and YES we mean LITTLE YOU!! can do things to put a stop to fake flash fraud on ebay.

  • If you bought a flash memory item on ebay – test it with h2testw.
  • If it is a fake (fails the test) and the seller does not provide you with a full refund and remove current flash memory listings – leave a negative to warn others.
  • Report in with test results and other required information.
  • File a claim through paypal

Do not fall for bribery or blackmail by sellers to change negative feedback – you are helping the fraudsters if you do. Stand by your fellow ebayers and keep the neg in place.

Do not send fakes back to China even if Paypal robots tell you to – your physical evidence of fraud will vanish!

Written by fightflashfraud

November 9, 2009 at 11:57 PM

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