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Differences between a genunine 16GB Kingston DT100 and a fake

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Here is a video on we found on YouTube from jeremiasf1, located in Latin America about the differences between a genuine 16GB Kingston DT100 and a fake capacity counterfeit

Here is a rough translation of the text that goes with the video:

A comparison of the fake pendrive “trout” with a genuine one.

Always check on the page
enter the serial number and submit.

The differences: surely the first thing to do is register the product, if you can’t register it then you have a fake. The test speed for the fake is very slow, and when I tried to read the data uploaded to the pendrive, I could not open it and got a message saying that the file you are trying to open is corrupt or damaged. Another big difference I saw is the packaging itself, the number 16 is very different, in addition there is no guarantee inside the package (which you will see if you own a genuine one) and the packaging on the fake is very easy to open.

Here is the original Spanish text:

Una comparación del pendrive “trucho” que anda circulado de hace tiempo, por desgracia me toca comprar una, pero por suerte me lo cambiaron, antes pude grabar la trucha para compararla con la original.

Siempre verifiquen en la pagina

Mandan el serial y listo

La diferencias: sin duda lo primero que hay que hacer es registrar el producto, si te sale registrado por oro usuario es la mala, también cuando la probas la velocidad en que guarda los dato es muy lenta, y si se intenta leer los datos subidos al pendrive, no se pude abrir , te sale un cartel que dice que los archivo que se intenta abrir son corruptos o están dañados. Otra da las diferencia grande que vi es la caja en si, el numero 16 es muy diferente, ademas dentro no trae la garantía, que si posee la original, y es muy fácil de abrir.

We advise everyone who buys flash memory items to test them with the free program h2testw irrespective of where they were purchased – otherwise you run the risk of data loss and corruption.

Report your fake if testing confirms you have purchased fake capacity flash memory on ebay.

Written by fightflashfraud

February 11, 2010 at 6:44 PM

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