Fighting flash fraud on Ebay

The authors of this blog want to elimnate flash fraud on Ebay

ebay sellers fail to understand the fake flash memory problem.

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Seller berny65 (registered in Germany) is an example of a seller who bought counterfeit, fake capacity 128GB Kingston DataTraveler 200 USB flash drives from a fraudulent supplier. This seller tested with h2testw and the results seem to have shown they had a real capacity of under 4GB.

This ebayer, like a number of others in Europe and the Americas, has been selling them as defective. The sellers who do this obviously do not appreciate the true nature of the fake flash memory problem. These flash drives are not defective in the normal sense – they are counterfeits deliberately created by fraudsters in China.


Like all counterfeit flash memory items they were created using small capacity memory chips (usually under 4GB) that are usually of very poor quality and would be very prone to failure anyway and programmed to display a false capacity to the operating system. Even if they can be restored the original capacity – seldom easy and always time consuming – the chips will be even more prone to failure than they were before.

The best thing that can be done with USB flash drives and other flash memory items that fail testing with h2testw is to destroy them so that no one can ever use them and lose their files.

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