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256GB Sony Vaio flash drives on ebay from sandgra will trash files

There is no such thing as a genuine Sony Vaio flash drive. Seller sandgra obviously bought these from one of the fraudulent suppliers in China who sell fake capacity and counterfeit memory items. Anyone who buys one of these fake capacity USB flash drives will find it corrupts their files.

We advise everyone who buys flash memory items to test them with the free program h2testw irrespective of where they were purchased – otherwise you run the risk of data loss and corruption.

Report your fake if testing confirms you have purchased fake capacity flash memory on ebay.

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  1. Hello Sandgra,

    What was said is that Sony do not make flash drives under the name Vaio not that they don’t make flash drives at all! They also don’t make any of 256GB capacity.

    A flash drive that bears a brand name but was not made by that manufacturer is counterfeit. As Sony did not make this model of flash drive it is counterfeit. All counterfeit flash drives that we have tested were programmed to show a false capacity to the operating system – usually the real capacity turned out to be less than 4GB. All fake capacity flash drives will inevitably corrupt files once the real capacity is full as there is nowhere left for them to go.

    Naturally, as we have not personally tested the counterfeit flash drives you were sold what we have said is based on several years experience in testing counterfeit and generic (unbranded) fake capacity flash drives. Back when we used to contact sellers directly and advise them to pull listings some of them sent us drives to check for them and we were proved correct in every case. We would faint with shock if we were wrong about these.

    You can check quite easily for yourself using the free program h2testw. There is no need to test the whole advertised capacity – just test the first 10000 megabytes – we are certain that they will fail the test. If you choose to take legal action against the supplier we will happily do whatever we can to assist – time action was taken against these fraudulent suppliers!


    January 10, 2011 at 2:55 PM

  2. I have obtain information from Sony, they do manufacture SONY flash drives which you have stated they don’t
    This is Australia web site, I am having other sony sites checked as well including Japan and USA, the product is marketed as Sony Micro Vault flash drives as an accessory to VAIO laptops. Australia advertise 32GB flash drives.

    “fightflashfraud on 256GB Sony Vaio flash drives on ebay from sandgra will trash files”, do you have absolute proof it will trash files or is this a surmise?
    It is extremely important that you state fact as this matter could end up in a legal battle here and in China.


    January 10, 2011 at 2:35 PM

  3. We did not bad mouth you – we simply stated the facts. In the past we did attempt to contact sellers when there were fewer sellers in the west listing fakes.

    Given the number of people who have fallen into the trap of buying from fraudulent suppliers more recently it is simply too time consuming – we just don’t have the people to do it.

    Good luck with getting redress from the supplier.


    January 10, 2011 at 12:12 PM

  4. Based on your comments we have removed the item from ebay until we can confirm your statement.
    We will also contact our supplier and ask for an explanation.
    Sandgra strives to provide quality at a low price and takes action if our products on sale are inferior from our supplier.
    Maybe in future you might contact the seller before bad mouthing sellers and allow the seller to take any necessary action.
    If the “SONY” brand is found to be fraudulent we will take action through our overseas legal representative to stop further supplies from these people.


    January 10, 2011 at 11:09 AM

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