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Fake capacity flash drive problem continues on ebay…

Today we recieved the following comment regarding USA ebay seller schettersauto which prompted us to make the first new post here for many months:

On ebay.
seller: schettersauto

item: 256gb pen stick USB 2.0 flash drive. Metal construction. New in package. NR!
item #: 150886238679

Contacted seller as item was a fake. sent usb back and now Seller (with 100% feedback) refuses to answer my emails nor will give Refund. This guy is a C***K, T******G B******D who deserves all the bad things in life. I only bought the item due to his feedback.

Despite having sold a number of models of fake capacity 128GB and 256GB flash drives only one buyer left a negative comment in the time that schettersauto was selling these, despite the fact that quite a number of buyers ran into problems. The seller currently has no listings.

Most of the models sold are unbranded fakes which are very familiar to us and they (along with the fake Corsair flash drive) have common tell-tale signs that they are fakes.

The packaging on the second flash drive in these captured listings of items sold by schettersauto is a dead givaway; if see this packaging you are looking at a fake. We have never found a genuine flash drive with one of the shiny capacity stickers shown in all the listings or the packaging shown in the second listing:

In the case of the supposedly 128gb Corsair the model simply does not exist in that capacity and there is a tell tale sign that is extremely common in fakes – we zoomed in on the seller’s picture to show you the metalic capacity sticker that is commonly seen on both branded and unbranded fakes:

In our experience over the last five or six years if you see a sticker like this on any flash drive then you are looking at a fake.

Sometimes sellers are not aware that they are selling fakes – they foolishly buy them from fraudelent suppliers without doing their research first or testing a sample of the goods using h2testw (the recommended program for identifying fakes) although the program can be downloaded free – see our page about the program for details and a link to the download site.

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