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Are these 32GB Kingston flash drives on ebay USA genuine??

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Is this 32GB Kingston flash drive listed by US seller edmarsinc genuine? We can’t be sure. The seller has been registered on ebay for a long time – so we hope that he or she tested the drives properly with h2testw rather than simply looking at the properties. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to contact edmarsinc and get the seller to test the drives with h2testw now if they didn’t do so before.

Many honest ebayers have recently bought flash drives to sell on ebay from fraudulent wholesalers in China and are unaware of the problem. It is up to you, dear readers, to alert them to this problem – the team is exhaused. There are far too many sellers listing Kingston drives that may be counterfeit for us to be able to contact more than a small fraction of them. We need your help dear reader – without it victims of fake flash (both buyers and sellers on ebay) will not be warned and many many more people will end up losing valuable files. If a seller ignores your warning please let us know – this is usually a sign of deliberate fraud.

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May 25, 2009 at 6:23 AM

Power seller in China joins the fake flash gravy train?

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Powerseller sicilydreamer, a member since 05-Aug-05 in Hong Kong has recently added a huge range of 8GB flash drives (some of which are shown above) to the repetoire of items being sold on ebay. This seller does not have the knock-down prices of most other sellers based in China. None of the drives listed has a start price under £17.

We were beginning to wonder whether we had finally found a genuine seller in China. Until we spotted the model on the right, that is. This is being sold on buy it now for £17.32 with free P&P. Not cheap for a genuine flash drive but not particularly dear either. However, we are certain this one is a fake – in which case it is an expensive way of losing your files. You can lose 7GB of files much more cheaply by buying from fraudsters with lower prices!


If you bought one of these test immediately with h2testw and report in with your results.

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Written by fightflashfraud

May 20, 2009 at 11:50 AM

Appeal to ebayers: please warn sellers about fake flash memory

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We at fightflashfraud (and other groups of ebayers who are concerned about the fake flash problem) need your help to rid ebay of fake flash memory. If you are reading this blog you have already become aware of the issue. This may because you are an ebay seller who was warned by ebayers that items you are selling are likely to be fake. It may be that you are an end-user who suddenly started to lose files you saved to flash memory.

Whoever you are – if you see anyone selling a flash memory item on ebay that looks as if it is fake please send them a message telling them you think it may be fake and asking them to test it with h2testw. Many ebay sellers do not know their items are fake – they are victims of the fake flash plague just like their buyers. Mostly they will have bought from fraudsters in China and had no idea the drives were fake capacity.

It will only take you a few minutes to send a message and you could save the seller from landing in a lot of trouble. If the seller has not removed the item from sale or been in touch with you after two days please leave a comment on this post with the item number and seller ID so that members of the frankenflash project can try to contact the member.

An interesting slide show about fake flash.

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A recent comment on sosfakeflash has a link to a slide show about fake flash that fightflashfraud found rather interesting. You might also find it interesting and informative! A link to the slide show is provided below:

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March 6, 2009 at 1:11 AM

Guide to fake USB flash drives now available from fightflashfraud!

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An ebay member has produced a guide to fake USB flash drives and has provided this to fightflashfraud in pdf format for you to download.  The guide shows a variety of both fake and genuine flash drives and gives guidance about ways to spot fake USB flash drives. If you bought a USB flash drive that seems suspect you should test it immediately with h2testw. Fake flash drive = lost files in the long run!  Go to the page:  Guide to fake flash to get this valuable information

Ebay seller Alert!! Beware – your items may be fake!

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It seems that many ebayers in the UK are buying fake USB flash drives and other fake flash memory items in bulk  on web sites such as, and  They are then re-selling these items on eBay without realising their items are fake.  We cannot stress enough how important resarch and testing are if you plan to sell flash memory items such as USB flash drives, SD memory cards, pro duo memory sticks, MP4 players and so on.

If an item shows a company name (such as Sony or Kingston) check their website to see if the item matches what is shown there. If not,  it is probably fake. Whether or not they are branded items you should test them immediately they arrive with h2testw. Do not either release payment to the seller or list the items on eBay unless this test runs without errors.

Ebay sellers – if ebayers warn item is fake, take note.

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If you have listed an item and ebayers tell you it is fake please pay attention. There are a lot of knowlegable ebayers out there – victims of fake flash themselves. They may be either sellers who bought from dishonest Chinese companies or end users who bought on Ebay and learned a lesson the hard way. They know what they are talking about and seldom if ever get it wrong. You should immediately end your listing and check your item. The easiest way is with h2testw – if it’s a large capacity drive a test involving the first 20GB should be enough to show it is fake. If your drive comes in packaging like the ones below it is certainly fake – in fact at these capacities there are no drives that look like these anyway!
See the page How to tell whether a USB flash drive to see the only real 32GB and 64GB Kingston – everything else is fake. Also see posts about fake Kingston for info about lower capacity fake Kingston.