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SOSFake Flash – How MP Player Fakes Continue To Be Sold On eBay!

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The problem of fake, false Capacity MP Players continues on eBay. It is growing worse! With permission from SOSFakeFlash we are reprinting their article on the subject. It demonstrates just how serious the problem really is!

Published at SOSFakeFlash On July 9th, 2009

tyeru2007tyeru2007 is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) MP Players. Registered in China, tyeru2007 sold more than 2400+ and has earned over £29000!

There are so many frauded buyers out there! Just how many will be smart enough to learn the truth? Generally there is nothing technically wrong with MP Players sold on eBay. The device is not defective! The issue is the memory chip! It has been reprogrammed to lie about it’s real capacity – THAT eBay buyers is why you are having problems. You can’t put all your music on the player according to the advertised capacity, there is no place for it on the memory chip!

We find it both sad and alarming that so many buyers of mp players are deceived. There is so much money being made at your expense. Please read the articles on mp players listed here. You have a decision to make. Do you want these sellers to continue making fabulous profits and for eBay and PayPal to enjoy their cut? Or do you feel that it should be stopped? Every person can make a difference.

2649Over 18 months ago, an ebay member was frauded. That ebayer, like you began to research on the internet, where education on the subject of fake usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards begins. The victim was horrified and started to contact other ebay members to see if they to suffered the same fate. It was not long before 1 became 2, became more. The fight against this fraud began!

So you found this website? It exists as part of the FrankenFlash Project, started by those victims. Is it useful to you? A lot of work and effort is involved. Victims help. They sign on for a tour of duty. They contribute, fight back and then make room for new people to take their place. Every victim can do something, even if it is only leaving negative feedback for a fraudster or reporting their fake to us. Others patrol and alert on suspect sellers. Every little effort makes a difference. A lot of people feel that they get satisfaction in fighting back. No one likes to be frauded. Some have suffered terrible data loss with usb flash drives and memory cards.

It is less severe for MP Players, you can always download music files again to a real mp player – all you lose is your money, your time and end up learning a lot in your quest to try and make your mp player become it’s true capacity size. That can even be fun! You learn a lot.

Unfortunately there are some eBay members who suffer a terrible financial loss. These are buyers who though they could sell them on local markets and make a good profit. Times are hard and many people are looking for ways to put bread on the table. A lot of people think that buying mp players from the orient inexpensively is the solution. It is a hot item! It is also difficult to obtain in a many country’s at a price people can afford. For these eBay members the consequences are devastating!

If you bought 20 or 50 or sometimes a 100, imagine the horror awaiting you! The fake flash mp player seller knows this. They will twist your tail! GOD help you if you dare to leave negative feedback! They will demand you leave glowing positive feedback and then to add insult to injury only refund you a 1/4 of the price you paid, excluding shipping and handling. That is when they chose to be nice to you. Otherwise they will hide behind Paypal’s skirts and eBay’s too, ordering you to return the fakes. The cost in postage back with insurance and tracking, is terrible in some countries. Frequently they will make sure you send back to an address that doesn’t exist, so they can for once say truthfully, they never received the items. Not a penny will you receive back!

Perhaps you are not sympathetic to someone who buys in volume to sell in their little shop. We are. They did not expect such fraud exists on eBay. they only wanted to feed their families. Having spent so much money they had no choice but to bow to the fake flash fraudster. That is where you come in! You bought because of all the nice positive feedback. You thought it was safe! Little did you know that many were forced into leaving positive feedback and therefore digging the hole you fell into.

You can do what they could not. You can use your feedback to leave the truth! You can also fight back with the same nastiness! Report your fake flash sellers mp players to eBay. Go to every listing and at the bottom of the page, report it! Over and over and over again. Until eBay can’t handle another email.

The only way to stop fake MP Player sellers in the Orient is to fight back! Spend a few evenings making their lives a misery as they have done for so many others. Contact buyers. Report their listings and post any to any internet site you can find that deals with the subject of mp players. Return to your fake flash seller the full measure of what they did to you. If this is not done, they win, you lose. We in the FrankenFlash Project will just grow old, our fingers worn to pencil stubs, fighting a problem that will not end. Do you feel that greed should rule?

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

July 13, 2009 at 3:46 AM

eBay Fraud – Another Fake Flash Memory Seller Ring -sellasera68258, yazmin_yenthe_bay, sfrankish5872

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Who is Zhonghuanyun (cao you)? eBay fake flash seller of 16GB usb flash memory drives under the id’s of: sellasera68258, yazmin_yenthe_bay, sfrankish5872. All item were sent from this address in Hong Kong:

Zhonghuanyun(cao you)

Room 305,3/F,Block A
Sun Fung Centre,88 Kwok Shui
Rd,Kwai Chung
Honk Kong

sellasera68258 and sfrankish5872 are under eBay suspension in fake flash prison. yams_yenthe_bay is attempting to evade buyers by changing his feedback to private. Those who engage in selling false capacity usb flash drives on eBay have many id’s. It spreads the risk and avoids being found out. You can learn more by reading: eBay Fake Flash Sellers Of MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards – About Their IDs

sellasera68258, yams_yenthe_bay, sfrankish5872 engaged in hit and run selling. Together they sold many fake usb flash drives in a very short period of time. If you bought a usb flash drive from any of these eBay seller id’s you risk data loss. Please test and a file a claim against the seller id with PayPal quickly, before it is too late.

So were is Zhonghuanyun(cao you)? The FrankenFlash Project invites the Hong Kong Technology Crime Prevention Unit to send inspectors to pay him a visit. He has some explaining to do. Why did he unleash data poison on inspecting eBay members around the world? His guilt is clear/ Trying to save his yazmin_yenthe_bay ebay id from angry victims by changing his feedback to private do no good. Zhonghuanyun(cao you) fake flash deeds have been found out!

Zhonghuanyun(cao you)

Room 305,3/F,Block A
Sun Fung Centre,88 Kwok Shui
Rd,Kwai Chung
Honk Kong

is here:



If you bought a usb flash drive from sellasera68258, yazmin_yenthe_bay or sfrankish5872 please report into SOSFakeFlash using the Report A Fake Tab.

Written by KittyFireFlash

June 19, 2009 at 3:10 PM

A Fake MP Player Sold On Ebay – A Look Inside To Verify The Flash Chip Capacity

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Most people who buy a fake MP Player often think it is defective. Others eventually realise the truth the hard way. Often people will use the program H2testw to check what the actual capacity of the MP Player is. A few will open the player up to examine the flash chips used. These chips, if they can be decoded and searched on the internet will reveal the truth.

Republished from SOSFakeFlash, we think you will find this article very interesting to read.

SOSFakeFlash publishs a lot of consumer alerts on fake flash sellers prowling ebay for buyer victims. Evidence is collected and stored in a database. eBayer id’s, eBay item numbers, the model sold by the seller along with other important information.

It leads to alerts being issued on the internet and sellers being added to the famous eBay Fake Flash Sellers List. As time goes by the counts against sellers increase. Some times a victim will report in months after the fact, long after the ebay listings have disappeared. The project works hard to preserve information. Alerts are issued after the information has been collected, not before! Necessary given eBay’s recent behavior of shutting fake flash sellers down quickly to be able to remove all traces of lising information.

SOSFakeFlash, in this article will take you inside of a fake MP Player purchased on eBay and show you how it is possible to prove it is a false capacity, confirming what the program H2testw 1.4 reports in capacity testing.

Paypal likes to demand that victims return fake flash usb drives or mp players or memory cards to get a refund. “Return the crime to the criminal!” they order. On other occasions they will dismiss the test results of H2testw 1.4 and demand you find somebody at Southby’s to certify that you received a counterfeit.

The FrankenFlash Project has been in operation for over 14 months, they know something about fake mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards. The simple fact is, when the devices are taken apart – the truth is revealed. It only confirms what the program H2testw 1.4 reports. The secret? It lies in the actual flash drive nand memory chips in the device!

For most victims, taking apart a fake MP Player is not a task they feel up to. The latest contributor, Niko is up to the task and is presenting his findings for everyone to see! He has two fake MP Players to reveal to you, this is the first one sold by hitech2day. You will quickly see there is nothing “defective” here! It is clear deception on the part of fake flash sellers.

To PayPal and eBay, do pay attention! To fake flash sellers, watch out! We do our homework “dears “.

Listed on eBay hitech2day offered this model. Is it 16GB?


When Niko opened the drive this is what he saw:


So what did the flash drive chip for storage show?


It was a samsung 904 k9lbgo8uom pcbo CAK468P2

If you visit InspectorTech’s site you will see the following post: Samsung Nand Flash – How To Decode Flash Storage Chips To Find True Capacity

and if you scroll down you can visit the samsung link. Give this a try.

now enter the information characters for:


This is good practise for anyone with a samsung nand flash drive chip to try out!

There is no “m” available for the last character.


So click on search.


So here we see the real chip size. It is 32G bit. 8 bits is a byte so we need to divide by 8. That makes 32Gb /8 = 4GB.

So eBay seller hitech2day has lied about the true capacity! hitech2day was not selling a 16GB MP Player but a 4GB MP Player. eBay, PayPal are you still with us? Can you do the math and follow the evidence? Do you really think ebay buyers are complaining without cause? If ebay members can do their homework, why can’t you? It’s not rocket science, you know.

Now the controller chip for the MP Player difficult to read in the photo:


It is:

8L014BA 1LP

We can’t tell you much about it at the moment.

eBay members are not imagining things about the fake mp players being sold on eBay.

The problem is very real! Both eBay and PayPal are very much aware of it. Only they prefer to show a blind eye. After all, the money is good! The FrankenFlash project has observed that eBay and PayPal do not intend to put a stop to the traffic in fake mp players being sold.

You don’t believe us? Please have a look at this:

Stop this Multi-Million Dollar Fraud on eBay

Just how far back in time does it go? If you are a victim of a fake flash MP Player, make sure that you register there. You can also register for other fake flash items too! Let it grow! And grow! The FrankenFlash Project collects information too, so do not forget SOSFakeFlash or to report in! Every item matters and counts.

SOSFakeFlash issue’s alerts on the internet to warn and assist victims. They can not and will not issue an alert without evidence. It is very powerful! It is a record and it stays forever. They also will NOT remove an alert! If a seller on eBay is caught, the alert stays!

Niko is currently searching for a solution to repair this fake MP Player. If one is found he will present it to everyone.

Keep an eye out for Niko’s other fake flash MP seller and his repair solution coming soon.

SOSFakeFlash published an alert on seller hitech2day, please read: hitech2day Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – China Fake MP Players

Written by techchips

May 24, 2009 at 5:07 AM

wholeselling-auctions Ebay Fake Flash Seller Of MP Player – Memory Card – Usb Flash Drive

wholeselling-auctions is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) Flash USB drives, MP Players and Memory Cards. Based in Hong Kong wholeselling-auctions is an old fake flash seller, now using private auction listings.

The first documented fake was in June 2008. wholeselling-auctions is very skilled and slippery in selling false capacity items. He knows exactly what he is selling. His dumps in volume. When the heat turns up, he will hide in his fake flash shell, quietly waiting for a new opportunity.

In the fall of 2008 wholeselling-auctions managed to elude SOSFakeFlash and victims by closing his fake flash shop. No alert was ever published, but he was added on the fake flash honour role – the list of eBay fake flash sellers.

Test anything you bought from this seller and make sure you leave immediate feedback! SOSFakeFlash is listing every fake model investigated and even those not yet confirmed. Just recently returned he has already sold more than 3000+ items. He needs to be removed from eBay permenently. Only eBayers can do that. eBay has done nothing for more than one year. Currently he has earned more than $60,000 US.

Please do not let him get away again!

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device. Every single item and count is needed. Make sure to raise a dispute with PayPal. If you funded with a credit card, you may wish to contact your credit card company to expidite a refund with a reversal. wholeselling-auctions demonstrates what is wrong with eBay and just how bold fake flash sellers are. Scroll through his feedback and contact positive feedback members – ask them to TEST. If you left positive and have discovered you were sold false capacity – do follow up feedback immediately to alert people to the truth!

Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims and it will only allow a fake flash seller to continue, do you really want that?

wholeselling-auctions’s address:

ChiWa Wong

Room 718, Blk7. Sah Chuen Hse, Lek Yuen Est. Shatin N.T.
Hong Kong

To see wholeselling-auctions’s negative feedback Please Click Here – review the complete history to see how far back it goes!

May 14th, 2009 – we have 11 eBay listings confirmed fake .

Sold by wholeselling-auctions:










Not yet investigated:

















Important Reading:

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16GB Fake Counterfeit USB Flash Drives – Review This Collection Available From Internet Wholesalers

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You can buy fake capacity usb flash drives cheap from internet wholesalers in the Orient. Price points to suit everyone. A classic collection of fakes in no name brand is being presented for your inspection. The FrankenFlash Project has studied the problem for one year. SOSFakeflash has battled fake flash sellers on eBay along with eBayers Against False Capacity Devices . The war on eBay against fake MP Players, USB Flash drives and memory cards rages on.

People know buying from an eBay seller in the Orient is risky for flash technology, but why do local eBay sellers get caught selling the same fake flash goods?

Local eBay sellers order from wholesaler sites in the orient, looking for low cost with high profit. Not realistic for flash based technology. Buy low, sell high. Using slogans such as “USA Seller”, “UK Seller ” they attract eBay members trying to avoid purchasing fake flash items. When buyers report problems these local sellers often claim “defective one”.

In outreach programs, many local sellers refused to test their merchandise. Others spouted techo babel about the items storing 32GB but you could only access 512MB at a time. Some tested and discovered in horror they had been selling fakes. These sellers removed listings immediately. In the United States and Oceana they would often contact buyers to refund and warn them. The concept of recall, refund is not as strong in Europe.

Knowingly or not, local eBay sellers are helping to unleash the 16GB usb flash plague that leads to data loss for buyers.

InspectorTech and FlashChipTutor did an review of internet sites and chose one sellers collection to present. It represents many of the fake usb penstick flash drives sold on eBay. As you review the prices, please note that the cost of a 16GB flash chip wholesale is over $29 US and is not expected to go lower in 2009. The wholesale cost for 8GB is approximately $13 US and you need two chips to have a total storage of 16GB. Not included in pricing is the rest that makes up a usb flash drive. Only the cost of the chips are given. Keeping this in mind, sellers need to make a profit, they don’t stay in business for long if they sell at a loss.

If you see any items advertising 16GB capacity that look like the items presented in this collection, stay clear. We ask everyone, given the prices for genuine flash chips, can this seller really deliver the promised capacity and stay in business? What are your thoughts and conclusions?




















This is not the cheapest seller they found. You can find them at less than half of this sellers price. Naturally you can expect the nand flash drive chip used to be even smaller in real capacity in order to deliver the lower price.

Ebay sellers do your homework! Your dream of buying cheap and selling high will not lead to profit paradise, as your buyers find you out, a fake flash hell is waiting. Please test any merchandise you buy from a wholesaler in orient before you offer it for sale on eBay and elsewhere. It is not just about money, it is about the consequences to buyers when they lose data they can not replace – ever! Selling false capacity usb drives is data poison. Be a responsible seller. If you aren’t willing to research the merchandise you plan to sell, stay AWAY FROM FLASH TECHNOLOGY!

For people interested in buying usb flash drives, please do your research too. After one year of effort the FrankenFlash Project has one message for you from victims of fake flash:

Spend a little more and buy a usb flash drive from a local reputable dealer. All victims have one conclusion – they wished they had! Many feel foolish. Others suffer the pain of information they have lost forever, all because they tried to save money. It is something they regret, many bitterly. Learn from their mistakes and take their advice.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

What Are The Wholesale Prices For Fake 16GB 32GB 64Gb 120GB 240GB 360GB 500GB Sony Kingston Counterfeit USB Flash Drives

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Why do eBay members and internet shoppers end up buying fake counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler and Sony MicroVault usb flash drives? Whose fault is it? The buyer? The reseller? The Wholesaler? The black market profiteer who has the flash chips reprogrammed to lie about their real size? It is obvious that the black market profiteer knows what he is doing. Almost all wholesalers do as well. Some resellers know, but quite a few do not. Buyers are not aware and they pay the price.

The FrankenFlash Project is continuing on the mission to educate the Global Public about fake flash usb drives, MP Players and memory cards.

InspectorTech and FlashChipTutor, researched and prepared another shopping trip! Fish out your calculator and have it handy to punch in numbers. Unlike other shopping trips internet addresses and the sites visited are not revealed, instead screen captures are provided as evidence. The Project isn’t interested in promoting these sites or educating people on how to become a fake flash seller. Instead it is an outreach to resellers and consumers to promote awareness.

Here is a rough cost sheet for flash drive chips in US Dollars, valid as of March 2009 and likely to remain for the rest of the year:

1GB = 3.38
2GB = 4.11
4GB = 6.61
8GB = 13.23
16GB = 29.41

These are the costs of the chips. It does not include the rest of the usb drive, MP Player or memory card – just the nand flash chip. Write the prices down on paper for 1GB, 2GB, 4GB. These are the most common true capacity sizes found when testing fakes. It doesn’t matter what the advertised size is. Remember for a usb flash drive the cost of rest of the drive can be about $2 to $5 US more. We don’t have the cost for a 512MB flash chip handy but it may be as low as $1 US.















Every one of these usb flash drives is a counterfeit. No Sony drive shown was ever made by Sony. Some Kingston flash drives may have been made by Kingston, but then reprogrammed by fraudsters to a fake capacity and repackaged. The lime model is 2GB real capacity. Do you know the true capacity found for the “Sony Counterfeits”? Not one drive has shown a capacity higher than 512MB! Surprise. They are using chips most likely cost less than $1 US Dollar. Just like eBay, there are the hidden costs that come with shipping and in many cases you can double the prices you see here. Then add import duties.

Who makes the profit? These items have sold on eBay for more than $60 US at resale to buyers who did not do their homework and trusted in the brand names. Unfortunately eBay is not the only place you will find these drives. These fakes have invaded just about every country; imported by resellers who find the prices so attractive and are dreaming of profit heaven. Soon they will discover the sad truth. Buyers will not spare sellers who sell them and many have contacted local law authorities.

Please do not buy these items. Do not import them into your country. If you are a buyer, report the seller to Kingston or to Sony immediately and give them all the details of the transaction including the sellers address information. If you bought any of these items on eBay, do not spare eBay, eBay seller or PayPal. There is no excuse for sellers not doing their product research before selling. eBay should patrol for these items instead of keeping their head in the sand. Paypal according to SOSFakeFlash needs to stop moaning and wiggling away from refunding buyers – take ownership for buyer protection or remove it all together as it is a sham in the eyes of victims.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Counterfeit Ring – eBay Sellers minggege99, abestpartner0, and niuren2008

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SOSFakeFlash can confirm that the seller ids: minggege99, abestpartner0, and niuren2008 are the same same person who was involved in the trafficking in these Counterfeit Kingston DT150 32GB usb flash drives recently flooding eBay. Over 4600+ units were sold and over £80,000 of listing sales on eBay!

eBay removed all evidence and deregistered the seller ids. PayPal is currently trying to evade responsibilty in refunding buyers. Both must be very worried about hearing from Kingston Technologies for allowing these items to be sold on eBay, many eBay members contacted Kingston and all were told the items they had purchased were counterfeits.

Who is the seller or distributor? Reported by victims, one:

LEE Wai Bun

FLAT RM 842 6/floor
Hong Kong

To assist the Hong Kong Police and the Hong Kong Technology Crime Division to find and question Lee Wai Bun about these counterfeits:

Kingston DT150-Large

Kingston DT150-Detail

You can also write to the Technology Crime Prevention Unit at:

or if you wish, donate your fake by mailing it with your details to:

Technology Crime Prevention Unit,
Technology Crime Division,
Commercial Crime Bureau, HKP,
22/F, Arsenal House,
Police Headquarters,
1 Arsenal Street, Wanchai
Hong Kong.

BEWARE of FAKE 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB USB Flash Drives – The Most Famous And Oldest Fake Still Sold On eBay And Internet Sites

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Would you like to see the oldest and still very popular fake usb flash drive sold on eBay and available at internet wholesaler sites in China? This drive normally doesn’t have a genuine flash drive capacity more than 2GB but it has been reprogrammed to false capacity sizes as high as 64GB!

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

It has been sold for several years on eBay, by many fake flash sellers. If you see a drive like this being sold – make your bidding fingers run in the opposite direction! There is something special about this particular fake besides the fact that more eBayers have been stung by this one model then any other. This is the false capacity usb flash drive that started the war on fake flash selling. If you are reading articles at one of the FrankenFlash Project websites – you can thank this model.


One of the good things about this fake is that it is easy to take a part to decode the flash chip and the controller chip. It usually has an icreate controller but the flash drive chips differ. It has been sold for very low prices and very high prices. Much depends on the size of the false capacity. For example if you want it to pretend to be 32GB this is a wholesale price being offered at a site in the orient for resellers.


The seller says there are 8 4GB flash chips inside. Hmmm.

The circuit board is 2 inches long. So how could you get 8 4GB flash chips and the controller chip to fit even if you use both sides? Old flash drives generally have a flash drive chip 3/4 inch long. Even if they are 1/2 inch long each, there is no place for the controller chip. The icreate chip is 1/4 inch in length. Flash drive chips need a distance from each other for soldering. To make 8 chips seen as one, you need a very advanced controller and that would cost $


It has been sold under so many descriptions and so many sizes. In the past, listings would boost about it being a Samsung flash drive. 50% of fake flash sellers on eBay still offer this ancient. It can be ordered wholesale in large quantities for as low as $2.5 Small wonder then that it continues to be present on eBay.

Use it at it’s false capacity and you will lose data.

Victims complain it stores files in Chinese. Please, nobody is kidding here but people unfamiliar with computers and technology have said this and not once either. No it does not store files in Chinese, but the swiggles and strange characters one often sees is the result of corruption once you exceed the true capacity. Not only that, you can not delete the files or folders. You have to reformat it in the operating system to begin another cycle of fake flash data loss.

The good news is that this is one of the easiest fakes to repair. And once repaired to it’s tiny real capacity it behaves.

This classic of classics will be around for a long time to come. It is very inexpensive for resellers, the temptation just too great. Mostly you will find it at 16GB these days. The higher false capacities are just too obvious to most and real 32GB and 64GB flash drives can be found under $150 these, with rebates from genuine brand, a lot less.

So if you see this drive advertised for more than 2GB in size stay clear. By the way, it comes in true capacities as low as 512MB…

If you want to review all the counterfeits found on eBay you can visit these two sites. Just type in the word Kingston in the search box to see what is currently documented:

Written by KittyFireFlash

April 11, 2009 at 4:39 AM

Sony Upgrades Kingston DataTraveler DTI/2GB To 64GB – Scams And Fraudsters!

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Would Sony upgrade Kingston’s DataTraveler 2GB DTI/2GB to an amazing 64GB? They are competitors in the usb flash drive market. Why would Sony give Kingston a helping hand and make a 2GB usb flash drive walk on water? To demonstrate they have more knowledge and expertise? FlashChipTutor doesn’t think so. It is just more fake flash spin from counterfeiters who continue to attack both brand names to make their fake flash profits.

Resellers looking to make a fast dollar order from these wholesale internet sites in the Orient. For $15 US can a counterfeit. Most are resold on eBay. “Upgrading” is a polite word used in the orient for digitally altering a usb flash drive to lie about it’s true capacity to the operating system.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Sony did not exactly upgrade this usb flash drive. It is also the lime model and that would be only 2GB true capacity if it actually has the right flash drive chip inside. Anyone who used this drive will suffer data loss once they exceed 2GB.



If you want to review all the counterfeits found on eBay you can visit these two sites. Just type in the word Kingston in the search box to see what is currently documented:

Cost of flash chips in media players, flash drives or memory cards

with one comment

SOSFakeFlash asks that all victims of fake flash purchases read the following article by FlashChipTutor:

What Are The Real Costs For Flash Chips In China? Guide 2009

Please see the current pricing for flash chips. You still need to test but you will understand why you fell into the fake flash pit along with the rest of us. FlashChipTutor is interested in your comments!

Is Kingston And Sony Making Cheap 16GB USB Flash Drives? A Sony MicroVault DataTraveler Wholesale $11 US

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Sony and Kingston, are they joining forces to make a Sony MicroVault DataTraveler usb flash drive? Yes you can buy them wholesale. The best of both worlds Sony and Kingston. Their famous usb flash drive names: MicroVault and Datatraveler.

Of course there is no such thing. Kingston did not make it and Sony did not make it. FlashChipTutor is convinced they are not the ones to come up with such a hybrid. Of course it is just more fake flash spin. You can buy them cheap too. These 16GB fakes are selling at less then the cost of an grade A 8GB flash drive chip!

Naturally you can expect to NOT receive the advertised capacity. This the famous little fake that sports the Sony name and the Microvault brand. SOSFakeFlash doesn’t have a true capacity on record higher than 512MB so far. It can be just about any size you want it to be, fake flash reprogrammers are happy to oblige so long as they get their cut. The bigger you want it to be, the more they will charge you. This little counterfeit has been sold in sizes as high as 500GB! There are no usb flash pen sticks on the market for consumers higher than 64GB. This famous counterfeit does a lot of damage to buyers data. If you want to lose your precious files, buy this drive. If you are a reseller who wants to cheat people and then be chased from pillar to post by angry buyers and have the police knocking at your door this is thing to sell.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.



If you want to review all the counterfeits found on eBay you can visit these two sites. Just type in the word Kingston in the search box to see what is currently documented:

SOSFakeFlash Reports Counterfeit Corsair Voyager 64GB On eBay

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Corsair now joins Sony, Kingston and Transcend to have their brand name usb flash drives counterfeited and sold on eBay. The joys of fake flash selling, the profits are so good and for brand names commanding high prices the profit is addicting. The misery of fake flash buyers, the woes of data loss and trying to get money back.

SOSFakeFlash has now two ebay sellers reported and of course confirmed. Sellers or want to be sellers on eBay. Pay Attention! Make sure you test your merchandise properly. The program H2testw 1.4 doesn’t cost you a penny and links to it are found out the FrankenFlash Project sites. It will save you a lot of coming misery if you purchased cheat merchandise. The wholesale prices for usb flash drives are not Cheap and never have been. Visit the to learn more about prices. That new site is devoted it educating sellers and buyers.

The most disturbing things is that both Corsair and Kingston have had their lastest flash drives faked. This hurts! It costs a lot of money to develop new technology and having it ripped off and counterfeited with cheap imitations causing data loss and a very negative experience in the consumers mind is damaging. As usual, don’t expect eBay to wiggle a finger to stop it. They will only do the bare minimum and have always chosen the easily road – closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. It’s some time hard to see the difference. eBay appears as addicted to profit as the fake flash sellers. Mean while, brand names can suffer and the buyers too.

We understand the problems of the current economic situation. But if you penny pitch when it comes to usb flash drives, you will be knocking at our door soon. SOSFakeFlash has had a rash of fake Data Traveler 150 32GB fakes being reported on eBay. Add the recent Transcend, Sony and now Kingston we have only one sad conclusion:

Until eBay visits the Betty Ford clinic to clean up their profit fee addiction and develops a backbone to address the fake and counterfeit flash device issue for brand names and no name in MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash drives – STAY AWAY FROM BUYING ANY OF THESE ITEMS ON EBAY! It is not safe.

You need to understand the realistic prices. Once again SOSFakeFlash has some advice if you want to buy these items on eBay;

Use a Credit Card! Fight with PayPal’s silly payment system that tries to discourage you from using a credit card, blocking the options. Struggle through their pages to get to the options to use it.

Why? Because if you are bitten with a fake flash purchase you don’t have to suffer their moaning and groaning and excuses. You can call your credit card company. PayPal hates this. Victims of fake flash love this. It seems the credit card companies are more interested in your business and welfare then they are. Read Buying On eBay – MP Players – Memory Cards – USB Flash drives – Why You should Use A Credit Card To Pay And Not Your Bank Account

If you are a fake flash victim read up on all the Paypal advice in:

PayPal How Long Do You Have To Claim For A Refund In Disputes? A Guide About PayPal From eBayer’s Experiences

We know times are hard, but a usb flash drive is an investment. Don’t be come a victim of fake or counterfeit usb flash. Be very careful with brand names, Corsair’s Voyager just joined the brand names being sold counterfeited as fakes on eBay.

FlashChipTutor Publishes Article Series on Counterfeit Fake Sony Microvault USB Flash Drives

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The Sony Micro Vault brand name for usb flash drives is a target for fraudsters and scammers. Selling false capacity usb flash drives under this brand name, consumers and resellers are being stung! Many who purchase these drives are losing data! eBay sellers are purchasing these dangerous items from internet sites in China and Hong Kong. Some are victims who have not bothered to do their homework in researching the product they are selling. Others know exactly what they are doing and are reaping Hugh profits.

Recently these fakes have been showing up for sale locally on eBay in the UK, Europe and also North America. FlashChipTutor has identified these usb flash drives and has presented them for all to see!

We advise everyone who buys flash memory items to test them with the free program h2testw irrespective of where they were purchased – otherwise you run the risk of data loss and corruption.

Report your fake if testing confirms you have purchased fake capacity flash memory on ebay.

demonedemone Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – Spain

demonedemone is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) Flash USB drives. Based in Spain demonedemone sold counterfeit Sony Microvault 64GB. Sony has yet to make one beyond 32GB.


Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

March 24, 2009 at 7:05 AM

New Site FlashDriveFacts Launched To Promote Consumer Awareness About MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards

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To educate the global public on MP Players, USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards the FrankenFlash Project has launched a new site – http://flashdrivefacts.wordpress.comahead of schedule.

Recent work by eBay Fake Flash Angels is outreach campaigns to eBay Sellers revealed that most had purchased their fake and counterfeit flash devices from internet sites in Hong Kong and China. Most sellers after having been convinced to test withdrew their listings. In investigating these sites, it was clear that the source of these items pouring into eBay came from this region. Something had to be done!

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eBay Victim Counterfeit Transcend JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drive Detects Ebay Hong Kong Seller Ring

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An eBayer victim of a false capacity Transcend JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drive purchased on Ebay has found a group of eBay Seller id’s all selling fake the same Transcend JetFlash V30 in different sizes, ranging from 16GB to 32GB.

He attempted to warn eBay and reported in to S0SFakeFlash. His reward? To receive a suspension from eBay!

Once again eBay punishes it’s members instead of the sellers who sell these fake capacity usb flash drives. eBay appears to protect the sellers despite the damage done to members, the data they lose to these dangerous devices. Whether branded or not, it seems eBay’s only concern is to avoid any conflict with it’s sellers based in Hong Kong or China. It does not matter to them the damage done for brand names such as Transcend, Sony or Kingston in terms of consumer confidence. It also appears that their claim of having 2000 employee’s engaged to combat fraud is a sham. Yet, they do have time to punish members who attempt to warn them and the global community about the problem.

How is it that members are able to see what eBay refuses to? See what this victim found!

Counterfeit Transcend JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drives Sold On Ebay Hong Kong Seller Ring

Transcend 32GB Counterfeit USB Flash Drive Found On eBay – JetFlash V30

Transcend joins Sony and Kingston to have counterfeit USB Flash Drives sold on eBay. JetFlash V30 line had a maximum genuine capactiy of 16GB in size. Transcend, like Kingston uses colour coding to distinguish different capacities. Currently targeted by counterfeit flash sellers is the 4GB model that is being supersized to astonishing 32GB capacity. It this 4GB model is also pretenting to confuse and to sneak in at 16GB a genuine size. Only the true 16GB has the pink band not green.

Sold on eBay by hellopetpet was a 32GB Flash drive.


Notice the colour band is green. The colour coding chart for the JetFlash V30 shows:


So green would be a 4GB usb flash drive and not a 32GB flash drive. The ebayer who performed the testing with H2testw 1.4 reported what size? 4GB!

This same model (green code) is for sale right now on ebay as 16GB by…

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How An eBay Seller Of Counterfeit Fake Kingston USB Flash Drives Traps Himself

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Recently an eBay seller, honchai9974 made some serious mistakes in selling counterfeit 32GB and 64GB Kingston DataTraveler usb flash drives. To See how read: honchai9974 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – United Kingdom

Written by KittyFireFlash

March 6, 2009 at 6:01 AM

Kingston USB Flash Drives – Getting Help How To Detect Counterfeits And Fakes – Product Verification

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Get Help! Did you buy an 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 120GB or 128GB Kingston USB Flash drive you think is a fake or counterfeit? Countries in Asia are very vunerable to these counterfeit items, but Europe and even North America are experiencing an increase of these items circulating for sale. Kingston is aware of the problem and they have set up a web page to help. There are technical support numbers you can call.

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Those Multiple IDs eBay Fake Flash Sellers Use On eBay To Sell MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards – eBayers Are Not Happy!

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SOSFakeFlash and victims have wondered for a long time, how do fake flash eBay sellers in the Orient just keep coming back? Why do some of them have such old start dates on eBay? The FrankenFlash Project finally has some very interesting information about that. Also on why eBay is losing sales.

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What Can You Do About Fake 8GB 16GB MP Players On Ebay?

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SOSFakeFlash Reports that Fake MP Players are the lastest plague to hit eBay. Harder for Buyers to spot before they leave postive feedback. Why? A 16GB false capacity MP player that turns out to be only 2GB can hold as many as 500 songs. It takes time to load. Most buyers of MP Players just use technology and are not techie. They fall for the “opphs a defective item” song sung by the fake flash seller. The lure of “free shipping” is one of the strongest pulls to end up in the fake flash pit. It appears that eBay fake flash sellers in Hong Kong and China know this so well – they have studied their buyer audience carefully. Here is advice – a Guide from SOSFakeFlash.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

February 26, 2009 at 10:03 PM

Hong Kong eBay Fake USB Flash Drives – MP Players – Counterfeit Ring

SOSFakeFlash asks what is so special about 935 Choi Ping House at Choi Yuen Estate in Sheung Shui, N.T., Hong Kong? It is the place many fake usb flash drives and MP Players are mailed from to unsuspecting eBay members. The FrankenFlash Project has been monitoring for a long time. Four ebay seller id’s all have something in common, a person by the name of Yu zhikang. The common eBay seller id’s are:, chaiching28, davidtam000,i.t.smart_electronic . There could be more id’s involved.
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SOSFakeFlash Investigating eBay Fake Flash Counterfeit Operating In Hong Kong

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SOSFakeFlash is investigating a counterfeit Ring Operating in Hong Kong. To make connections between eBay seller id’s it is critical the fake flash victims on eBay send in the addresses of the sellers. Keep those envelopes! If you have been asked by a seller to return a fake flash item, send the address provided to

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Information Just Published On PayPal To Assist Victims Claiming Against Fake Flash Sellers By SOSFakeFlash

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SOSFakeFlash has just released a new guide on Paypal disputes. So many people ask about about time windows and what to do when a claim is closed by PayPal. The information answers a lot of questions and is a collection of articles published. It covers:

1. Paypal on filing claims, time windows and reopened investigations against a seller.
2. Advice – a collection of important articles for you to read. Based on SOSFakeFlash’s experience.
3. Stories – What eBayer’s have experienced and what they have to say.

To read their article: PayPal How Long Do You Have To Claim For A Refund In Disputes? A Guide About PayPal From eBayer’s Experiences.

Written by KittyFireFlash

February 22, 2009 at 10:14 AM

USB Flash Drives On eBay Fakes 8GB 16GB 32GB – A Buyer And A Seller Speak On The Subject – Videos

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The problem of fake flash usb pendrives on eBay is an epidemic – often referred to as a plague. It kills data. Sold by unscrupulous ebay sellers these false capacity drives have caused so much harm to eBay members. It’s not just about money. It is the files – gone forever!
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Written by KittyFireFlash

February 13, 2009 at 5:19 AM

eBay Ignores Issue of Fake USB Pendrives – Investigated Seller calltimtim Allowed to Unleash Yet Another Wave On eBay Members

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It is no secret that eBay prefers to shelter sellers of false capacity flash devices such as MP Players, Memory cards and usb flash drives. After all these sellers generate a lot of revenue for eBay. Imagine just how much money they have made since the problem began back in 2003. Until recently, both seller and eBay lived in fake flash profit paradise. eBay members are fed up and began to take action starting in the spring of 2008. Did eBay address the problem? Not really. If a seller was caught and negatives poured in in feedback, eBay forced a temporary suspension as a deregister, to allow the sellers score to cool off. A perfect example of this? Fake Flash seller, calltimtim.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

February 11, 2009 at 4:47 AM

fightflashfraud Message to eBay And PayPal on Fraud for MP Players Memory Cards And USB Flash Drives

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At the “report a fake” Tabs for FrankenFlash Project Sites they begin with a reminder to you both and to eBayers of recent lawsuits against you. It was a warning. It was also to educate people that you have been brought to task before. We said:

Any company who had been involved directly or indirectly with a transaction involving fake flash – ie counterfeit goods is liable and responsible – if they chose not to respond to the situation or take the warnings issued by customers seriously. To ignore the issue is to condone it.

You both have had opportunity to address the situation. You chose not too. So we turned up the heat. Exactly what temperature do you need before you choose to address the situation and also to come clean before the public?

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Written by KittyFireFlash

February 10, 2009 at 12:13 PM

eBay Struggles to Hush And Erase The Truth About Sale of Fake and Counterfeit MP Players Memory Cards USB Flash Drives

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eBay rather than taking responsibility for fake (false capacity) MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash drives being sold by it’s sellers on eBay has been trying to hush and erase the truth. Even using the old and very lame excuse of eBay and Paypal being seperate companies hoping members are willing except this spin. eBay set up Paypal long ago. The two companies are very capable of cooperating – if they want too.

Quietly on tip toe, eBay is trying to shut down these fraudulent sellers. Little choice now. The sunny days of fake flash profits for eBay, Sellers and Paypal are gone. eBay members have gathered to wrap all three in dark and stormy clouds.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

February 9, 2009 at 10:02 PM

eBay Victim Reveals His Views And Personal Buying Experience On Ebay For Fake Flash (False Capacity) USB Pendrives Drives

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Since 2003 eBay has been a serious source for acquiring false capacity mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards on a global scale.

SOSFakeFlash has traced distribution to 53 different countries in only nine months of investigation. There is no safe eBay Country to buy from. Not one country. Every eBay country suffers from the same fake flash plague. It is everywhere!

Victims of fake flash device purchases on eBay learn the sad truth about eBay’s attitude and the sham for “Buyer Protection” offered by PayPal. So many never got a refund. Less of an issue now. But over the years so many buyers, not only lost data, they lost money too.

If you are getting or got a refund, you should thank victims who fought for you in the last 9 months. Many drove Paypal insane. Paypal in return, drove these victims crazy and wore victim typing fingers to little stubs. So many, after all that effort, got nothing. No refund. What they did succeed in doing is make it more difficult for both eBay and PayPal to continue ignoring the situation!

One ebay member, whom we will call FlashAtom asked if he could share his views and experience with you. We are interested in your opinions and thoughs on what he has to say.

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Never Accept Operating System Report Of Size – Beware On eBay 16GB 32GB 64GB

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Buyers of usb flash drives need to test with H2testw 1.4 . Never believe in the advertised capacity, even if a seller presents a screen capture of the size as seen by the operating system. Fake and Counterfeit USB flash drives have been digitally altered to “lie” about their true capacity.You can not trust what you see in operating size. You should not believe that a usb flash drive will be of genuine capacity just because a seller presents a screen capture of the size seen. The only way to be sure is to test your drive with a software such as H2testw 1.4 You should never store any data on any usb flash drive until you have tested to make sure you have the advertised capacity. It could save you from data loss and it will give you peace of mind.

A perfect example of how you can fall into the fake flash pit is the recent case of eBay Seller Guruelectronics. SOSFakeFlash has known about this seller for months, but without evidence little could be done. guruelectronics presented operating system size as proof the drives being sold were good. The reality is that he only showed what the operating system saw and as we all know fakes are reprogrammed to lie about their real capacity. The drive was presented with sexy reassurance and of course, free shipping!

If you bought this drive or one that looks like it, on eBay, the internet or even at a local store do not use it to store data without testing with H2testw 1.4 to ensure the advertised capacity matches actual capacity!
This drive typically has a 2GB flash chip. Do not attempt to repair this drive by opening it to find the controller chip or flash drive serial. The circuit board is glued with epoxy to hold it to the bottom casing. If you seperate the bottom to see the flash chip, the drive will in future wiggle and slide in the casing.

Under no circumstances should you accept any excuses from guruelectronics or any other seller about this flash usb drive being “defective“. A digitally altered flash drive is not defective, it has been reprogrammed to lie about it’s true size – guruelectronics attempted convince customers usb flash drives being sold were of the correct size. Do not allow yourself to be convinced by any seller who shows you what the operating system might see.

Written by KittyFireFlash

February 9, 2009 at 2:03 PM

rongcle Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – China – Call to All Ebay Members

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Only a few hours ago SOSFakeFlash released a warning about eBay fake flash seller rongcle. SOSFakeFlash has just received information that this seller has started to list his fake flash drives again.


It is amazing! A seller with a score of 94.7 is actually able to sell and list on eBay! It can mean only one thing to SOSFakeFlash. Nobody home. Or eBay no longer has any employee’s left . Or they have laid off anyone with an IQ greater than 10! Is eBay THAT DESPERATE FOR MONEY?

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 30, 2009 at 7:30 AM

Ebay Fake Flash Sellers Alert India – A Mystery In New Delhi

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Our story of counterfeit Kingston Flash USB drives begins in New Delhi, India. The famous lime DataTraveler at 2GB is being sold in magical sizes – from 16 GB to strange 40GB and even 80GB advertised capacities on eBay. These Sellers are trying disclaim the quality of goods by saying they are Chinese products and so can not take any responsibility. Most Kingston DataTravelers ARE MANUFACTURED IN CHINA, so how is it that major relate outlets around the world do not have dissatisfied customers storming their doors? Some of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies at reasonable prices are being manufactured in China. This is the 21st century, the “made in China” excuse does not hold water – for many Brand Name products.

Join SOSFakeFlash on an exploration of just how widespread counterfeit and fake flash usb drives are on ebay.

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Warning KINGSTON DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive 128GB Appearing For Sale On The Internet – A Guide

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Please Check Kingston’s Official Site for the flash USB drives currently offered. They do not offer any KINGSTON DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive with a capacity of 128GB. The highest capacity appears to be 64GB.

Reported to SOSFakeFlash, we have documented some of the sources for these 128GB USB Flash Drives that are stealing the Kingston Name for counterfeiting and selling false capacity usb flash drives. You will find useful information to help you learn and spot the fakes – what you can to to find a genuine Kingston USB Flash Drive on the internet.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 25, 2009 at 4:26 AM

Ebay Begins To Address Issue Fake Flash Device Sellers

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Evidence is now appearing that Fake Flash Sellers of false capacity MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash drives are being removed by eBay. Listings are down. Many sellers based in the Orient have stopped selling – anything. There are still individual listings for known fakes appearing in the United States and United Kingdom. Canada is showing signs of becoming active in offering these items. SOSFakeFlash is not sure if this is a reroute attempt to continue or if it is simply recent acquisition from disreputable wholesalers.

If you have bought any MP Player, Memory Card or USB Flash drive on eBay in the last three months you should test the item immediately with h2testw for it’s actual capacity against the advertised capacity. Report any false capacity device to SOSFakeFlash without delay – see Report A Fake. You have little time as the evidence trails are disappearing.

To Claim, To Help and to learn more about Brand Name Counterfeits…

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 24, 2009 at 4:56 PM

What Is It That eBay Sellers of Fake Flash Devices Using Private Auctions Just Don’t Understand?

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It is no secret that eBay is NOT the place to buy flash devices such as usb flash drives, memory cards or MP Players. There are genuine sellers of these items on eBay but they are few and hard to find -buried under the cheap and not so cheap fake flash heap. The traffic in counterfeit and fake (flash capacity) has been around for a long time on eBay, old eBay members say it dates back to 2003 but most internet evidence starts appearing in 2005.

eBay Fake Flash sellers come and go. The most recent trend is to use Private Auctions so that there is no evidence of what was purchased. This is against the intent eBay had for the use of such listing. Like other fake flash sellers they do get found out. But these sellers add to their crimes when they are caught by a member. SOSFakeFlash has seen this repeatedly in eight months of investigating.

Seeing it is believing it. Here is one of the most obvious and glaring examples.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 22, 2009 at 5:52 AM

What Do eBay Fake Flash Sellers jinyu_zheng, dai_xinyu, zhujunpeibay Have In Common?

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jinyu_zheng, dai_xinyu, zhujunpeibay are all documented and investigated eBay Fake Flash Sellers. What do these sellers have in common? Are you interested? Curious? This article is not going to be pleasant for some to read.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 22, 2009 at 4:46 AM

Buying On eBay – MP Players – Memory Cards – USB Flash drives – Why You should Use A Credit Card To Pay And Not Your Bank Account

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The evidence gathered in the last eight months by the FrankenFlash Project and their groups indicates that buying MP Players, USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards is a very risky business. You will find more than enough documented evidence at

So if you are going to bid and buy on eBay why use a credit card instead of bank account funding?

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eBay Private Auction Listings – eBay Fake Flash Sellers Prefer – Victims Learn The Meaning The Hard Way – A Guide

eBay sellers of fake flash MP Players, memory cards and usb flash drives prefer private auction listings. They avoid detection the longest, make antonishing profit and create the longest list of victims who will be made obsured by this listing category. Sellers who use this listing type are not found only in the Orient, you will find them everywhere including in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe. Some begin selling this way, others resort to this listing type when negative feedback starts to come in revealing the truth about what they are selling.

SOSFakeFlash has been warning about this for a long time. It is even in the eBayer’s guide written by ebayers sent to victims needing help.

Exactly what is a Private Auction listing? Why is it so deadly? What did eBay intend for such listings? How is it being abused? Every eBayer should read this guide, even if they did not buy a flash device. If you want a safe buying experience on eBay, don’t expect eBay to educate you or PayPal. To become eBay smart you have to look elsewhere. The bottom line for these companies is sales not your protection. Fake flash victims or those interested in buying any flash devices on eBay should read it too. The first step in protecting yourself from a purchase you may regret. Learn why private auctions can be so deadly.

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What Do eBay Fake Flash Sellers zhidao16888 – jingpinwu688 – hxiongxu Have In Common?

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zhidao16888, jingpinwu688, hxiongxu are all documented and investigated eBay Fake Flash Sellers. What do these sellers have in common? Are you interested? Curious?

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 21, 2009 at 4:50 AM

How Fraudulent Sellers Stay One Step Ahead Of Ebay and PayPal

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Have you ever wondered how a fraudlent seller manages to stay on eBay? Gets around PayPal? Why sellers of counterfeit flash drives stay in the game – even when complaints mount against them? How when a fake flash sellers are removed from eBay – four new ones sprout to take their places?

This article is reprinted from SOSFakeFlash. It Originally appeared on their site on September 4th, 2008.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 19, 2009 at 5:06 AM

New Policy On Alerts For Fake Flash Sellers Using Private Auctions

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Effective immediately, any seller confirmed selling a fake usb flash drive, MP Player or flash memory card on eBay and who uses PRIVATE AUCTION Listings (a violation of eBay’s intent for this auction category) will not only have the confirmed counterfeit item presented in an alert on sosfakeflash – but also any other flash device recently sold.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 4, 2009 at 11:14 PM

Master Report Ebay Fake Flash USB Drives – Memory Cards – MP Players 200804 – 200812 – To Help You Recognize The Fakes

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Ebay Master Report on Fake Flash for 8 months from the FrankenFlash Project. It Includes not only the documented fakes listed on ebay but all the other models listed and sold by a seller caught. Not all victims have reported in. This report will help you identify fakes that you have purchased but are not on file with us. The report only includes sellers we have investigated. We have others in the database, waiting for a victim to report in. Ebay listings may disappear but we have preserved the information. You can still report in for a seller (see report a fake tab at SOSFakeFlash) using the information in this report and also your ebay item number. Make sure to specifythe page, column and row item number for your seller for your model on our report.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 3, 2009 at 12:34 PM

Report Ebay Fake Flash USB Drives – Memory Cards – MP Players 200804 – 200812 – To Help You Recognize The Fakes

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Ebay full report on Fake Flash for 8 months from the FrankenFlash Project. See the fakes listed on ebay, investigated and confirmed to be fake (counterfeit). A must have for anyone interested in trying to by flash items such as USB drives, memory cards and MP Players on eBay.

See the Flash devices sporting their counterfeit cloths. A Full report 175 eBay Sellers exposed, 404 models . It covers 200805-200812. This is the report everyone wants and for many eBayers wished they had before they bid on a counterfeit drive.

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 3, 2009 at 7:09 AM

digitmonde Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Deregistered – Canada

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digitmonde is an eBay seller of fake capacity flash USB drives and MP Players. The selling of fake flash usb devices is only in the Orient, right? Wrong! Based in Canada, digitmonde has been a very busy beaver of fake flash selling! Just about every flash device sold is suspect and that could be close to 1800+ items.

digitmonde has just deregistered. Test and Claim with PayPal – Quickly!

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Written by KittyFireFlash

January 3, 2009 at 1:22 AM