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A very odd listing for flash drives on ebay Australia

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We find the ebay listing by mrqld88 on ebay Australia (item number 220524965853) a bit odd. The seller provides no picture of the flash drives offered, emphasises that they have not been tested and there is no gaurentee on them and states very clearly NO REFUNDS – all this makes us a bit suspicious about this listing! Here is the text of the buy it now listing (price 150 Australian dollars with 10 dollars postage costs:


15 x 2GB
10 x 4GB
1 x 8GB
2 x 32GB

All the products are generic products that are for sale.
The products have been in storage for the past few months.
The stock is left over from a previous business entity.

There are no guarantees given for the devices on sale.
Some devices may work, whilst some may not work.
The devices have not been tested, however this a new
batch of USBs, however once again there are no guarantees
on the product.


However if you would like to purchase 28 USB Flash
Drives for $150, then is the perfect package for you!!!

15 x 2GB
10 x 4GB
1 x 8GB
2 x 32GB

Buy it now for Christmas gifts!!!

We wouldn’t touch this with a bargepole as we don’t know what we’d get!! We have a sneaking supicion that they could well be fakes that will trash files – but maybe we’re wrong.

We advise everyone to test all flash memory with the free program h2testw.

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Written by fightflashfraud

December 13, 2009 at 9:50 PM

Question For eBay Members – Did You Buy A 16GB USB Flash Drive From eBay Seller clicktoblue? SOSFakeFlash Advises You Test For True Capacity To Avoid Potential Data Loss

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Did you buy a 16GB USB flash drive from ebay seller clicktoblue? His prices are amazing! This USA based seller is almost giving USB Flash drives. Quite a few eBayers have snatched them up at prices below the cost of a grade A Genuine 8GB flash drive chip. See What Are The Real Costs For Flash Chips In China? Guide 2009

These drives can’t be using the new 16GB chips, they still cost far to much in OEM, only brand names such as Kingston and Sony using their sheer power volume can offer decent prices to resellers. Selling nand flash based technology as a rule is not high profit but modest, made up for by selling millions of units.

So how does clicktoblue manage to deliver such fabulous prices to eBayers?

He’s managed to leave 16GB flash drives trailing in the dust without even offering mail in rebates!


The team at SOSFakeFlash first thought that clicktoblue might be financially well off, doing community service by helping eBayers to buy below cost in these difficult financial times. The problem is these usb flash drive models are all too familiar to SOSFakeFlash. They have published many alerts on them in the last nine months. You will also these models their pdf reports. One is a classic, see BEWARE of FAKE 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB USB Flash Drives – The Most Famous And Oldest Fake Still Sold On eBay And Internet Sites.

clicktoblue is even selling below prices offered by known counterfeit wholesalers 16GB Fake Counterfeit USB Flash Drives – A Classic Collection Available From Internet Wholesalers. Actually the prices shown in that report are middle of the road, you can actually get them for as little as $5 a piece from some wholesalers, especially if you buy in bulk.

So is clicktoblue selling the real deal and subsidizing the actual costs from his own pocket? SOSFakeFlash decided to scan through his feedback and they found this:


Try to see if its too big for your AZZ port too, u need a pogo stick not a flash

No, concluded SOSFakeFlash, this is not a wealthy person out to help the less fortunate. The reply was in response to the $19.95 model. That model is a usb port hog and depending on how your usb ports are arranged, you can have a problem trying to plug it in.

Derogatory language is very common for USA based fake flash sellers. They don’t have the politeness or the smooth manners of fake flash sellers in the orient and elsewhere. Being scammed with fake flash usb drives is not a pleasant experience, true….

In the orient it is an art of deception. Bad manners are not a part of the fake flash selling or buying experience. It simply is NOT DONE!

So is there any record of clicktoblue being brought to task by an eBayer who said that word…FAKE? Yes, so far there is one according to SOSFakeFlash.

fake in fb for clicktoblue

What model is “16GB USB FLASH MEMORY STICK 16 GB 16G G 2.0 PEN DRIVE K”? Why it is known to SOSFakeFlash and victims as the classic of classic fakes – in fact it is probably the oldest still surviving fake being sold.

SOSFakeFlash asked FightFlashFraud to warn all buyers of clicktoblue to test any usb flash drives they bought from him. Failure to do so could mean data loss. Please read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives to learn about testing and get the free software. They are also looking for confirmations with the test results from H2testw 1.4. Everyone on their team is curious to know what the real capacity is. If the drives are good and clicktoblue is willing to lose money rather than make it, this might be a first. Sadly their experience is, if one in a model is a fake, the rest are too. Reprogramming these flash drives to lie about their real size is not a defective usb flash drive, it is digitally altering them and illegal. Using the postal system to send and receive counterfeit goods is also illegal in most countries.

SOSFakeFlash is asking people to report any drives that fail capacity testing by using their Report A Fake Tab The classic model is not difficult to take apart to decode the controller chip serial information and the flash drive chip information. Depending on what you find, you can visit Inspectortech’s FixFakeFlash website at . There are several new articles for decoding flash drive chips from manufacturers:

the site has information on drive repair too.

The team at SOSFakeFlash is engaged in speculating on controller chips and nand flash drives used in clicktoblue’s usb flash drives. So far the iCreate controller and Hynix nand flash chips have the most votes. Are they right? Or are they wrong? Let them know.

As always SOSFakeFlash reminds fake flash eBay victims to:

  1. Leave immediate negative to warn other buyers if testing is postive for a fake.
  2. File an a dispute immediately with PayPal and not attempt direct contact with a seller who has “Fake” already recorded in feedback.
  3. Report in with the evidence for their database.

You can visit their site at to find lots of advice on how to handle your fake flash seller and see the work they do in fighting this terrible problem.

We agree with SOSFakeFlash and victims:

Always test any usb flash drive, MP player or memory card purchased on eBay or the internet, before you use it to store any important information.

Do we have a fake (counterfeit) usb flash drive seller in clicktoblue as the evidence clearly indicates?

Or do we have a bad tempered insulting seller who is determined to lose money and personally finance the loss to enrich the less fortunate with 16GB usb flash drives below the market costs for this capacity?

Test and let the team at SOSFakeFlash and FakeFlashNews know.

Written by KittyFireFlash

April 21, 2009 at 10:11 AM