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Ebay seller ren-ren-buy de-registered and listings removed.

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An ebay seller of fake transcend flash drives, ren-ren-buy, is now de-registered and listings have been removed. We have had test results for the drive shown here confirming what was obvious from a visual clue (wrong colour band) – the drive is not a genuine 16GB Transcend and has nowhere near 16GB capacity.
This fraudster will no doubt pop up again – we’d be interested in information from anyone who bought from a seller with a different ID but the same return address as shown here:

Written by fightflashfraud

March 23, 2009 at 2:47 PM

Guide – Protect Yourself Against Counterfeit Fake Transcend USB Flash Drives – Product Verification

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How do you tell a true Transcend USB Flash Drive from a Counterfeit (Fake – False Capacity)? Where can you check?

Transcend is the latest Brand Name to suffer from Counterfeiting for USB Flash Drives, joining Kingston and Sony. SOSFakeFlash recently received their first confirmation of a Transcend 32 JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drive being sold on eBay by seller hellopetpet. The Transcend 32 JetFlash V30 is only made up to 16GB in size. When SOSFakeFlash reviewed eBay for Transcend Flash drives it was not difficult to detect the true capacity from the counterfeits. Like Kingston, Transcend uses colour coding. Within a few minutes two other sellers were detected selling counterfeit Transcend 32 JetFlash V30 flash drives, ren-ren-buy and .

You should visit the Official Transcend site to check out what they sell. USB Flash Drives Made By Transcend

For older models, type the model in on google, then look for the transcend website. Like most manufacturers these days they don’t show an archive of older models, but like many sites, the pages are still there.

Transcend is very much aware of the counterfeiting of their products and have set up product verification.

In order to protect our customers rights and our superior brand image, we have set up this site to allow customers to verify the authenticity of their products.

Product Verification

Go to their webpage and verify the flash drive you bought. You can use it to check other products to see if they are genuine too. If you don’t see your drive, get a message that they did not make it, have doubts or questions, please contact them for help:

If you performed testing and found you bought a counterfeit, let them know. Tell them where you bought the item and from whom. The only way to put a stop to this problem is to help. You probably chose transcend to AVOID buying a fake in the first place. Let them know where you bought your counterfeit from!

If you need or want to test the real capacity of your usb flash drive see: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives If it turns out you bought it on eBay and is a fake, please Report A Fake to SOSFakeFlash.

Written by KittyFireFlash

March 8, 2009 at 3:29 PM

Hong Kong seller ren-ren-buy sells fake Kingston

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Ebay seller ren-ren-buy (ID registered on 23-Feb-09 in Hong Kong) claims to be the SOLE ebay seller selling Real 32GB Capacity memory stick . We beg to differ. The model shown is not made in capacities over 16GB – ren-ren-buy  is selling fake/counterfeit drives.

Written by fightflashfraud

March 1, 2009 at 12:37 PM