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Flash memory items sold on ebay by mister-stromberg a bit cheap

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Seller mister-stromberg (registered in Germany) has sold a range of flash memory items in ebay in auctions at prices that make us suspect that this ebayer may have bought from a fraudulent supplier. If you bought a USB flash drive, memory card or other flash memory item from this seller we urge you to test it immediately.

If this seller bought from a fraudulent wholesale outlet then the flash memory item you bought will be fake capacity and will trash your photos, documents or whatever you save to it after a while.

We advise everyone who buys flash memory items to test them with the free program h2testw irrespective of where they were purchased – otherwise you run the risk of data loss and corruption.

Report your fake if testing confirms you have purchased fake capacity flash memory on ebay.

Written by fightflashfraud

April 13, 2010 at 11:00 PM

2GB Kingston DataTraveler flash drives in private ebay sales

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If these 2GB Kingston DataTraveler USB flash drives are genuine we wonder why on earth UK seller is hiding buyer IDs with private listings. Private listings are intended for very expensive items like houses and vehicles or for embarassing things like gimp masks. As a 2GB flash drive is neither expensive nor embarrasing we can only think of one possible reason for hiding buyer IDs.

We advise everyone to test all flash memory with the free program h2testw.

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Written by fightflashfraud

October 24, 2009 at 5:20 PM

Ebay seller master-of-sales de-registered and listings removed.

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Ebay seller master-of-sales is de-registered and listings have been removed. He listed what seemed to be factory rejects which should have been destroyed. Whether he understood what he was told by ebayers who warned him or not is unclear. Ebayers were alerted that these 4GB drives might not be functional by packaging commonly used by Chinese fraudsters a while back. This packaging has re-surfaced recently in the UK and elsewhere. Be suspicious if you see packaging like that shown in the screen shot of his listing which you can see in fightflashfraud’s original post.

We at fightflashfraud appeal once again to sellers – if a buyer sends you a question that indicates your item may be fake or faulty PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND INVESTIGATE!
The ebayer warning you could be very experienced in the area of flash fraud – at the very least they will have some knowledge through becoming a victim. Pay attention and test your flash memory item with h2testw!

Written by fightflashfraud

February 24, 2009 at 5:31 PM

Innocent UK ebayers list fake flash drives

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The fake flash problem is now so widespread that some innocent ebayers who bought fake flash drives (not always on ebay) have recently listed fake flash drives. A word of advice – before you re-sell any flash drive you bought please test it with h2testw which you can download directly from this blog. This is the quickest, easiest and best way of verifiying the true capacity of any flash memory item. On the good news front the number of fakes being listed deliberately is now dropping. YOU CAN HELP! Get in touch with anyone selling something suspect and tell them about this blog – they may be innocent victims. If they are innocent it is likely that they will remove listings fairly quickly.

There is a UK seller suspected by fightflashfraud of being a fraudster, but there is absolutely no concrete evidence either way at present. Can anyone who bought a USB flash drive from phillipham8 (and tested the drive with h2testw) please respond to this post – the drives sold as 64GB look like 8GB Kingston, but without test results we have nothing more than suspicions.

Written by fightflashfraud

February 3, 2009 at 10:02 PM